Monday, October 31, 2022

LaSalle Series 50 Convertible Coupe 1934.


Mountain lion captured in Los Angeles back yard after hours-long search

Next up for the LA invasion:  wolves

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to the area of Gretna Green Way and San Vicente Boulevard in the Brentwood neighborhood about 10 a.m. Thursday morning on a report of a mountain lion sighting.

The officials were able to shoot the mountain lion with tranquilizer darts at least three times, but it fled before they could capture it.

The cougar was located in a wooded area near the Brentwood Country Club golf course, and officials pursued the animal until it was cornered in the back yard of a home, where it was again tranquilized and taken into custody just after 4 p.m.

Fish and Wildlife officials said the mountain lion would be relocated to the Angeles National Forest.

Bet that cat had a splitting headache the next morning.

Tired and about to get cranky


Big and Bigger


A quality pocketknife is a thing of utilitarian beauty


Another great brand lost to history


Bouncing off the concrete hard water (at that speed)


It's a motto for Monday


A lake in Finland that looks like Finland.


My dad's uncle Alfred out harvesting. Amazing to think that only a short time ago literal horse power was the normal way to bring the crop in.


I'm gonna have this blown up and framed.

A man's car. Didn't 007 drive the BMW version of this in one of his movies?


Sunday, October 30, 2022

How To Put a Lobster to Sleep

Great for cool weather


Free speech that wouldn't have been allowed only days ago.


THAT is a fat bear!


Brown bear 747, (excellent name - 747 - the wide body!) tipping the scales at an estimated 1,400lbs (635kg), won 68,105 votes, beating Bear 901 with 56,876 votes.

The result marks an end to Fat Bear Week 2022, which saw people from around the world vote for the fattest bruin at Alaska's Katmai National Park.

The chow-down spotlights the park's famous brown bears as they feed in preparation for winter hibernation.

"Ultimately, 747 ripped apart the salmon - and the competition - to seize his 2nd crown as the 2022 Champion," the park tweeted after Tuesday's vote.

But Bear 747 nearly didn't make it to the final because of an unprecedented case of voter fraud in the semi-finals that was quickly corrected by officials.

I'd live there


Morning Chores. Not so bad if you get to wear a cowboy hat when you do them, and smell the hay.


Artistry of the highest order


Action at the Mesta Gear-Cutting Department, c. 1915 Mesta Machine Company, West Homestead, Pennsylvania


Double helical cut tooth gear for an 1800 horse power gear drive

Double helical gear planer

20 foot vertical boring mill

Freckles are good


Going out in a ball of fire (the ball of fire from the awesome wreck an instant later is conveniently deleted)


Handy Little Device


Slicing and Dicing, Toshiro Mifune Style


What is it about imagining yourself shooting an enraged, attacking grizzly?


Just purty


I just realized that this is the way I usually sit when not doing anything in particular. Except I'm not drinking out of the skull of a defeated enemy.


The horse would prefer to stay in the barn


Ginger eating pancakes and looking French.


Winnebago tribal members preparing for the arrival.


Saturday, October 29, 2022

Kari Lake Invites Elon Musk to Relocate Twitter's San Fran HQ To Arizona


Ukrainian drone boats attack ships of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. The part where the Hind desperately tries to machine gun one of them is amazing, as is the fact that the next day we have the video on the internet.

Sounds like a great read


The task was awesome. The borders had been sealed and a succession of couriers who had tried to cross them had been captured; six were betrayed, tortured and shot in one fortnight alone. So a high-speed boat landing at a pre-arranged rendezvous on the coastline near Petrograd was planned instead.

CMBs were 40ft long, had a crew of three, carried two Lewis machine guns and a single torpedo. They had hydroplane hulls, hence their nickname "skimmers," but were made of plywood so were almost defenceless against enemy fire.

The fastest naval vessels afloat, they were ideal for slipping past the huge array of defences in the Gulf of Finland - except for the deafening noise they made when they reached their top speed of 45mph.

Protecting the sea approach to Petrograd was the forbidding island fortress of Kronstadt and its 15 forts - nine to the north, six to the south - with enough guns to halt any enemy fleet.

Furthermore, the forts were connected by a hidden breakwater that MI6 told Agar was only three feet under the surface and which, since CMBs drew 2ft 9in of water, meant that his two vessels would have only three inches to spare at normal speed.
Although the Gulf of Finland is 250 miles long, it is only 30 miles wide, and with gunboat patrols, floating and fixed mines, searchlights, submarines and seaplanes, it seemed impassable to any but the most intrepid sailor.

Cumming explained the mission to Agar in his office in Whitehall, and ordered him to choose only unmarried men with no immediate dependents for his seven-man team; Agar himself had been orphaned at the age of 12, and although he had a sweetheart they were not then engaged.

Cumming also warned Agar that in the event of capture he could expect no help, or even official recognition, from the British Government.





Badger Paws


She's thinking about it


Looks a lot like some Nevada and eastern Oregon roads I've driven. God's country.


If you like coffee....


That hair...


The far away strike


Missed it by that much


The cow's revenge




The beaver will not be losing the apple


The theme seems to be making meat