Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Excellent Living Space



  1. None of the chairs look particularly comfortable though.

  2. Paintings hung on the cieling!

  3. The last one is nice, but they all look like they're designed to encourage tripping. Lots of furniture, relatively little floor space.

  4. ---an' too many tv's.

  5. I do really like ceiling detail like that 2nd picture

  6. 1: Overhead wiring that's a fire code nightmare.
    2: Only if all that glass is mirrored from the outside, otherwise it's just an urban fishbowl, and you're the fish.
    3: Getting there. I hope the hillside is stable.
    Using the ceiling for the artwork is a nice touch.
    (I'm hoping it's some sort of sliding tongue/groove bombproof set-up, and not magnets or other fail-prone future head injury anchoring.)
    Minimalist glass coffee table is a nightmare though. 'Druther have two boulders with a study plank over them, or something solid as an oak treasure chest.
    But string lights hanging in your face in the lounger?!? Srsly??!!??
    What deco-dipshit idiot thought up that jackassical idea??
    I'd rip them down, tie them around his neck tightly, and kick him right out the door.
    And the stupid little cutesy ladder thingie would follow him out, at a high rate of speed.