Sunday, October 30, 2022

What is it about imagining yourself shooting an enraged, attacking grizzly?



  1. When I see those illustrations of shooting grizzly bears, I think of the reports in the Lewis and Clark journals of it taking up to 10 shots to bring down one of those beasts.

  2. Shooting a bear is unfair. Killing a "bar with his bare hands" like Davy Crockett seems like an actual accomplishment.

    1. The bar Davey kilt was a black bear. Much smaller and nicer than a griz.

  3. Reminds me of the scene in “the wind and the lion” where Brian Keith portraying Teddy Roosevelt is lecturing the artist on how he made the grizzly bear TR shot look like a “hairy cow.” Teddy/Keith then proceeds to stand on his desk to show the orders how are you fighting snarling grizzly bear should look. Second best scene in the movie next to the attack on the palace

  4. Whoops, that should say “ To show the artist how a fighting snarling Grizzly Bear should look.”

  5. Gene Simmons dresses as a bear for Halloween and is shot by local red neck.