Saturday, March 31, 2012

Modern wimmens = awesome!

This has got to be at Lake Tahoe, or perhaps Tioga Lake

Watermelons, they are good.

But they'd be better in bite size pieces.

Look familiar, Lou??

Samuel took all the color out except yellow.

Sprite sighting season is upon us, and the sprites below were expertly photographed by Thomas Ashcraft from his home in New Mexico.

What are they?  Go here to find out.

Here is a handy dandy guide to spotting these events.

You know things have deteriorated too far when you see a sign like this at a rally in support of teachers.

Saturday cabin porn


                                                                           Lake Tahoe

                                                                  Skansen, Sweden

                                                                      White Mountains

                                                                       Carson Pass

Friday, March 30, 2012


 He's coming to your town!  And he's already pissed off.

Let's face it.  In a bar fight, you want Danny Trejo on your side.

Next in a series taking a look at our mostly forgotten Presidents, so we can compare what we had with what we have now.

Here, Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd President.

The second of eight children, he was the grandson of President William Henry Harrison, and great grandson of Benjamin Harrison V, governor of Virginia and signer of the Declaration of Independence.

He was the eighth Benjamin Harrison in his family.

His early schooling took place in a one room schoolhouse.

During the Civil War, Harrison rose to the rank of Brigadier General, and participated in Sherman's march to the sea.

Harrison was elected to serve as Senator by the state of Indiana from 1881 to 1887.

Harrison was elected President in 1888 as a Republican.  Although he received 90,000 fewer popular votes, he carried the electoral college 233 to 168.

Harrison was both preceded as President by Grover Cleveland, and followed as President by Cleveland.

While President, he was a champion of civil rights, and made the last serious effort at civil rights reform until the 1920's.

Harrison was the first President the have his voice recorded electronically, on a wax phonograph cylinder, in 1889.

He also had electricity installed for the first time in the White House by the Edison Electric Company.

More states were admitted to the union during his Presidency than any since President Washington.  These six were Washington, North and South Dakota, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

After his Presidency, he married for the second time to a woman 25 years his junior, and then sired his third child, a daughter.  Scandalized by this randy behavior, his two adult children boycotted the wedding.

Open road Friday, ready for the weekend!

Friday freckles.  Sigh.

Here is somebodies ultimate vacation rig. 

The only question is, would BillyBob like it better than Pissed?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let's have a little history lesson here, on our forgotten presidents, so we can compare what we have had with what we have now.

Below is James Garfield, the 20th President.

Interesting facts about President Garfield:

He was the last president to be born in a log cabin 

His father died when he was just over a year old, and he and his four siblings were raised by their single mother

He put himself through school by working as a carpenter

He was a major general in the union army

He was elected to nine consecutive terms to Congress

He could write with both hands at the same time, 0ne in Latin, and the other in Greek!

He had seven children

He had a 3000 book library at his home and was an avid reader of the classics

He developed a trapezoid proof of the Pythagorean theorem which mathematicians thought to be quite clever.

He was the second president to be assassinated.  
A few posts back I was making fun of the guy who had upolstered the inside of his truck with what looked like grass.

So what do I say for myself now when I realize that everything about this picture is appealing to me, including the holes in the seat, the ratty steering wheel, and the landscape outside?

Truly, there is no accounting for taste.

It appearst that the Indonesian President is not doing so well in his campaign for re election, at least according to this Daily Mail article. 

In spite of spending more money than all of his Republican challengers combined, and without a foe in his own primary, he is not making progress in the polls.

Perhaps that is because everyone is reminded of his incompetence every time they fill up their car with gas, or pay their electric bill. 

Or, they wonder who he is really working for when he conspires with the Russian President to "give him room" until the election.  What the heck does he mean by that?

Maybe the voters are annoyed when he raises racial tensions by sympathizing with the worst of the bawling race baiters, rather than seeking to calm the waters and encourage everyone to let the police do their job.

Could it be that the people are ticked that while they are forced to scrimp and save due to the bad economy, his family goes on expensive vacation after vacation, and his daughters are safely tucked away in an exclusive and very pricy private school?

It might be annoying to the taxpayers when the money they earn and entrust to the government is wasted on foolish investments like Solyndra and the Fisker electric car.

The average citizen might be offended that there has been no budget at all from Congress, with no leadership of any kind from the President against this unprecedented abdication of responsibility.

Over and over again, the people see an arrogance and contempt toward their rights, their money, and their wishes, and they are growing more and more angry about it.  It could be that no amount of money spent to promote his candidacy can overcome the stark reality of the chaos and poverty he and his party have created over the last three years.  Imagine the damage that would occur if he was given six more?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So what do you think of this retro redo of an old classic? 

Given what the after market could smith up for that bed, this could be the ultimate expedition vehicle.

The new robotic sand flea and supposedly jump through a second floor window in the hands of a skilled operator.

Ok, now the main stream media has really gone too far!

Witness Frederica Wilson, Democrat congressperson from Florida, demonstrate her sense of sartorial splendor.   As in clown, circus barker, rhinestone cowboy, escapee from the asylum.  The people in her district must be so proud.

Some nice rusty iron.
Hallalujah!!  Let's hope this is what happens.

I dunno, maybe this guy likes sprouts, or grass.  Sometimes there is no accounting for taste.

A picture simply too cool not to post.

Hey, a candidate for restoration.....if you have about 30 thousand dollars.

The truck looks like a relic from a gay pride parade in the 60's.

Or, this is the perfect rat rod project truck. Take your pick. 

Heh!  Thanks to the Irishman for this great way to start a Wednesday.
Should you try to outrun the local police officer when he tries to pull you over for speeding on a Friday after a long tiring week, when you are only a few minutes from home?

This guy tells you why you shouldn't.

Because, basically, you will end up being this dude.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Michelle makes an unfortunate "Heisman trophy" pose.
Hey sheeple, while you all were distracted by the Trayvon Martin thing, the EPA has issued new regulations that will basically ban the construction of new coal fired power plants.

How does a much higher electricity bill look to you?  Is that more relevant to your life than the sad fate of some wanna be gang banger in Florida?

Obama and the Democrat are a literal menace to the average citizen, and must be removed from office in November, and the EPA must be either eliminated or replaced with some more realistic organization.

I guess he is making good on his promise to destroy the energy sector of our economy, as seen here.  How this guy got elected in the first place is a mystery to me when he was clearly on the record with this prediction.

That is because such a thing cannot be allowed to be known by those who think that they control the message.  Kind of like that proverbial tree falling in the forest. Did you hear it?

However, there is now an alternative source of news, and things like this are being reported by everyday people like you and me.   I wonder how long the MSM has left before they go the way of the buggy whip makers?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday night peace

A very amusing video of a red panda having more fun with a pumpkin than is legal.  If anything can make you feel better, this is it.  It's also interesting how the snow doesn't stick to his fur.

A Red Panda Wrestles With A Pumpkin - Watch More Funny Videos
I guess it takes the alternate media here, to bring out the true facts about the Trayvon Martin case.

The main stream media has done much worse in this case than simply bungle the story.  They have encouraged and fostered a false narrative with the explicit knowledge that violence and vigilantism has a high probability of happening.

I mean, MSNBC sending race baiter Al Sharpton to report the story?  Really, they did this only because they know he will appeal to racism and anger to make the situation worse, like throwing gas on a fire.  This is more than malpractice, it is evil.  The first person murdered by enraged blacks in revenge has been murdered just as much by the MSM, by Al Sharpton and his ilk, as by the actual person who pulls the trigger.

I have seen a lot of bad things in my time, but this behavior by the media is right up there with the very worst.

Thanks to the Irishman for the link above.
Yosemite Valley this evening.

Sunday night cabin porn.

Below, Colorado mining cabin.

Far below, somewhere in France.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Science!  How to crush a 55 gallon barrel like a puny aluminum beer can, using knowledge!  And some heat and ice.


Some illustrations of why some people, contrary to all notions of logic and intelligence, continue to vote for Democrats.  But I guess it isn't illogical to vote for the party that promises you free stuff that someone else had to work for and create.

Thanks to this guy for the visual enlightenment and entertainment.