Thursday, May 31, 2018

Cats hate water

A thing? I'd try that.

Edible Water Bottle from r/interestingasfuck

The floor is LAVA!!

Real floor of lava in Hawaii

One hell of a view from r/interestingasfuck

Not real in Hollywood.

Your good news of the day: Taliban baddies take a beating

U.S. Forces Afghanistan said more than 50 Taliban commanders, including the deputy Taliban shadow governor of Helmand was killed. Taliban leaders from six other provinces across Afghanistan were killed as well in the strike in the Musa Qala district of Helmand, according to the statement.
Twenty other Taliban leaders were killed in air strikes earlier this month by drones and Air Force A-10 Warthog jets based in neighboring Kandahar, which arrived earlier this year along with thousands of additional American troops.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Drink Up

What chew lookin' at?

Interesting juxtaposition

Cutest mop head ever!

Shave of the Day

Bull and Bell soap, Moon and Stars two band badger brush, Antique Kampfe Brothers/ Star single blade razor,  B&M Lavanille aftershave.

Rough shave. Not sure if it's the razor, my technique, or a combo of the two, but clearly I'll need more practice.

This is said to be a good read

Although the cover art - I dunno where that come from.

Mysterious Beauty

A Sherman tank of 13th/18th Royal Hussars in action against German troops using crashed Horsa gliders as cover near Ranville, 10 June 1944.

Rick T, is this what you were looking for?

Your analysis?

Probably in the Caribbean

Princess Takushit, as in "not gonna," from 670 BC

All humor aside, I'm continually amazed at the artistic quality of stuff like this, 2700 years ago. 

The statue was found in 1880, in Lower Egypt, on the hill of Kom-Toruga, near Lake Mariut, south of Alexandria. Late Period, end of 25th Dynasty, ca. 670 BC. It had ritual, votive, and funerary functions.

The statue is depicted striding soundly with its two feet; the left foot is forward in a walking stance, indicative of movement and energy. The left arm is bent under the chest and most likely held a hieratic scepter. The right arm, extended closely against the body, held the menit (musical instrument and necklace). The scepter and the menit make clear her priestly status and her high social position and were the symbol par excellence of priests from the higher social classes. The long, diaphanous robe, which is decorated all over with incised patterns that were filled with precious metal wires (technique of damasking), accentuates the beautifully shaped, sensuous body. The decoration is divided into fine horizontal bands, which alternate with four thinner strips at the midsection, the pelvis, the thighs, and the knees. The first band, which covers the torso, is wider. The bands are decorated with representations of divinities from the Northeastern area of the Nile Delta (the homeland of Takushit), while the strips are filled with hieroglyphs that communicate prayers to the said divinities.

Her name means “the Ethiopian” and possibly refers to a family connection to or a marriage with an Ethiopian. According to the inscriptions that the statue bears, her father was Akan II, the Great Chief of the Libyan tribe Ma, and her office was of priestess “waab” (pure-chaste priestess), which according to the religious hierarchy was the lowest priestly title. 

USAAF B-25 Mitchell bomber flying over the crater of Mt Vesuvius, Italy, May 1945.

Your good news of the day: Lockheed Martin F-35 Fighter Poised To Become One Of America's Biggest Exports

I guess the old Americans can still design and build a world beating product.
Over the longer term, virtually every military power that might one day need to contemplate coalition warfare with America will want to take a look, because (1) no other tactical aircraft will be as survivable, (2) no other tactical aircraft will be as versatile, (3) no other tactical aircraft will be as cost-effective, and (4) no other tactical aircraft will mesh as seamlessly with U.S. air power.
 After 9,000 flight tests, F-35 has demonstrated all of the performance features expected of it, including the ability to avoid being tracked by Chinese and Russian air defenses.
In addition, the price has fallen to a level where the most common variant will soon cost no more than the latest F-16 -- for a great deal more capability. For instance, the electronic warfare suite on F-35 will generate ten times more radiated power than previous fighters, meaning it will not need a jamming aircraft flying escort in order to safely penetrate hostile air space. Every military power within a thousand miles of Russia or China is likely to want that, because when combined with low observables ("stealth") it makes F-35 unstoppable.
What could be a more credible deterrent than a supersonic (1,200 mph) strike aircraft that can't be tracked by radar and yet can strike ground targets with pinpoint accuracy and see air targets hundreds of miles away? As if all that were not enough, neither Russia nor China are likely to have anything comparable until the 2030s -- if then. Bottom line: F-35 is setting the global standard for tactical air power through mid-century, and overseas sales of the plane will deliver a powerful boost to America's trade balance.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"Honey, Pele's here!"

But is he okay?

Pompeii officials on Tuesday released a photograph showing the skeleton protruding from beneath a large block of stone that may have been a door jamb that had been "violently thrown by the volcanic cloud."
The victim, who was over 30, had his thorax crushed. Archaeologists have not found the victim's head. Officials said the man suffered an infection of the tibia, which may have caused walking difficulties, impeding his escape.

An amazing long distance repair

After a two-year stint on the disabled list, Curiosity's drill is working again. This week, the Mars rover successfully collected a rock sample for the first time in almost two years.
Over the last year, engineers at NASA have developed a workaround drilling technique called Feed Extended Drilling, or FED, which uses the rover's robotic arm to direct and push the drill into the ground as the drill bit spins. And last week, Curiosity engineers added percussion, or a hammering rhythm, to the FED technique.
The fix worked. Over the weekend, Curiosity drilled two inches into the Martian surface and collected a powder sample from the pulverized rock.

Shave of the Day

I love me some mammoths

I welcome the return of the Big Shaggies

Fresh from the Siberian tundra

A couple of pocketknives with mammoth tusk handles.

Whatever he's hitting is hard.

That lead is bouncing everywhere.

Incredible Perspective

The Mir Diamond mine in Siberia, is the second largest man made hole on the Planet.  It's a quarter of a mile wide and over 1,700ft deep.  

Demand  for the Mirny mine’s superior-quality stones was so popular  that diamond giant De Beers was forced to buy them to keep the market artificially inflated. 

Cabin Porn

Be ready for summer with the classic BBQ tool

Destination: Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Very Nice!

Know yer pirates, matee!

Freckles are good

Monday, May 28, 2018

Classic Monster

The 008004 size capacitor on a fingertip.

Richard White Bull, Dakota Oglala - Heyn Photo - 1900

Rescue at Kavieng

A great Memorial Day bit of history over at Old AF Sarge's place.  Follow the link for much more hair raising heroism from our warriors.

A snippet:

However, they are alerted to another downed crew from a B-25 about a mile from shore.  Spotting the debris and three survivors, they land again, shut down the engine and retrieve them. 

Meanwhile, overhead, the P-47s have had to RTB due to low fuel.  As Lt Gordon takes off and starts to RTB, the B-25 that had been spotting ditched aircraft calls them again and directs them towards another crew, very close to shore.  Assured by the B-25 that he would remain and provide cover against any Japanese float plane attacks, Lt Gordon makes another landing about 600 yards from shore.  Using the heavy seas as some protection from AAA and small arms fire, they manage to rescue 5 members of Captain William Cavoli's B-25 crew.  

As they complete the process of pulling Capt Cavioli's crew aboard, the co-pilot starts the starboard engine and attempts to start the port engine.  It will not start.  Realizing that the engine is flooded, Lt Gordon directs the co-pilot to stop trying to start it.  For an agonizing couple of minutes, the PBY taxied in a circle with Japanese shells coming closer every second.  Finally, Lt Gordon engages the 
starter and the engine comes to life.

With 15 extra bodies on board, the overloaded PBY staggers into the air and maintains a stately 90 knot pace back to Finschafen, arriving there after a 7.4 hour return flight.  Depositing the rescued airmen there, he flies another 2.6 hours back to his base.  

Just another day at the office.

Looks tippy

Draugen Oil Rig, Norway

Shave of the Day

PAA Organism 46B soap, Honey Farm maple burl and resin two band badger brush, Edvin Neiström straight razor, Local Gent California Barber aftershave.

Two passes, decent shave.

I'm starting to get into this weird Organism 46B soap.  It lathers really well, and the family was polled and unanimously said it smelled of chocolate.   Now I'm smelling that too.

The razor, a very sleek vintage cut throat, but one that requires concentration and good technique.  Nearly got myself multiple times, but managed to get done without any significant blood.

Motor Head

Tight Formation

Mondays, they're like that

It could have been the one stack from r/WatchPeopleDieInside

Sunday, May 27, 2018

So since the boy is now a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force....

I had my sister retrieve my dad's old WWII navy uniform and text me a picture.  I looked everything up, and what I found confirms what Dad told me, namely that he was a radarman, petty officer second class, in the Amphibious Forces.  He was on a troop ship that landed Marines in the Pacific Theater of WWII.  

The ribbons are, from top to bottom, left to right, the WWII Victory ribbon,  American Campaign ribbon, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign ribbon with three battle stars, and the Philippine Liberation ribbon with two battle stars.

Our new LT has some big shoes to fill.

One WWII story.  Dad told me once his ship was on the way across the Pacific.  As a radarman, he was on the bridge, and he detected a signal ahead of the ship.  He informed the captain, but he was an old salt from WWI, and had no interest in newfangled gadgets like radar.  Old school.

The signal came closer and closer, and finally the old barnacle encrusted captain stationed men to watch, and it turned out the object was one of those sea mines shaped like a big ball with detonators sticking out like pins.

Emergency maneuvers were initiated, and although the mine barely missed, traveling down the side of the ship, there was concern the backwash would suck it and it would go off against the stern.  Fortunately, no boom.

Afterwards, the WWI captain had a bit more respect for what the radarman had to say.

Shave of the Day

PAA Old Salty soap, Omega Pura Setola boar brush, Vintage Gillette adjustable clamshell razor, set on seven, Rockwell Swedish steel blade, Cella aftershave.

Two solid passes, some touchup, great shave.

Summer project: make one

I got a couple bags of Quikrete in the garage, which should do the trick.

But, should I set it up with a little water pump that sucks from the bottom and attaches to a small hose and then to a pipe that discharges a constant small stream into the pool?  I'm thinking the sound of tinkling water would be worth it.


The Art of Speed

Always have a power backup