Monday, May 28, 2018

Looks tippy

Draugen Oil Rig, Norway


  1. It will tip over before Guam does...

  2. My guess is it's built that way to reduce ice damage.

  3. Huge base on the LOTS of weight at the bottom.

    Probably more stable than we might think.

  4. I have been on one of those things before (well, not exactly the
    same design.) It was the oil platform off the coast of Seal Beach
    California. I was doing an epoxy grout job on a pump base. That
    crane-looking thing on the right is called a flair. If a condition
    occurs (like bad interstage valves on a gas compressor,) all
    pressure relief valves are ported to the flair. During normal
    operations, only a pilot light is seen when you pass a refinery.
    If it is billowing lage flames, it is evidence that the safety
    equipment is working.

    It is better to the incur the wrath of the EPA than risk blowing
    up half a city or gassing the citizens to death. And of course
    our regulatory overlords fine the crap out refineries every time
    they vent!