Friday, May 25, 2018

And we thought politics was nasty now

Gouged out a guy's eyes.  That's bad azz.


  1. Obviously they had a difference of opinion.

  2. The Dems fight dirtier these days. They use Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi.

    I'd rather have my eyes gouged out.

    1. I'd call that fighting stupider - you can't get much more idiotic that Maxine or Hank.

  3. founding fathers wanted people to take politics personally. todays politicians do not have the personal conviction that their politics is the right and only way. they only look for the next video op in order to get re-elected. bunch of slugs.
    Our present POTUS may not be a politician but he is a LEADER, which says a lot more than than the previous occupant of White House. Politicians tremble at the idea of having a leader as he makes them all seem insignificant before him.