Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sundance produces a far better analysis of the dynamic between the US and China than you'll find anywhere else

The MSM is insufferable in their intentional disconnect of the dynamic behind the North Korean denuclearization talks.  It was Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping who brought the DPRK to the table; and it was Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping who pushed North Korea away from the table in their manipulative efforts to extract trade concessions. Every other review of the geopolitical gamesmanship is chaff and countermeasures.
U.S. President Trump is holding massive steel and aluminum tariffs as an economic sword of Damocles over the head of Beijing during ongoing trade negotiations.  Chairman Xi sought to increase his own leverage by pulling North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong-un away from bilateral peace and denuclearization talks.  However, POTUS Trump responded to the Beijing power-play by announcing a Section 232 trade review over the entire auto-industry; and then bolstered his counter-move by cancelling talks with Kim Jong-un.
This is a battle, a massive economic battle, between U.S. President Trump and Chinese Chairman Xi.  Period. 
Red Dragon didn’t expect President Trump to respond so effectively to the customary schemes notoriously famous in any Chinese negotiation encounter. I really believe Chairman Xi underestimates how adept POTUS Trump is at cutting through the obfuscation and obtuse moves.
President Trump simply doesn’t operate in the land of traditional diplomatic discomfort… he doesn’t have any inclination to play these insufferable games.
Within minutes of President Trump withdrawing from the June 12th summit, Beijing realized all of their trade leverage was just wiped out.  Playing deceptive panda isn’t going to work this time.


  1. spot on on this analysis of the "negotiations".
    I thoroughly enjoy watching my favorite comedy channel on tv, the CNBC channel. what a hoot! such total ineptness and with perhaps the most inept and incredulous analysis of news. definitely a situation where if you want to hear their opinion, you should tell them what it is because they do not have a clue. their editorial staff has no idea what critical thinking means. news readers today really do believe you and i should have the same opinions they have and their vision of reality is the only facts you and i need to make any decisions.
    news reporting is dead to me. at least Walter Cronkite waited until the last thirty seconds of his news broadcast to give his opinions.

  2. There's very little "news" to be had on TV these days. Even Fox carries a lot of the same dreck that the #FakeNews stations do, though they deserve commendation simply because they at least do present some actual facts in their reporting.

    Sundance over at The Conservative Treehouse is a must-read, and I go there every day to see what's actually going on. Don Surber's blog is another valuable resource.