Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A Sherman tank of 13th/18th Royal Hussars in action against German troops using crashed Horsa gliders as cover near Ranville, 10 June 1944.

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  1. The legend of the awesome power of the German tank and piss poor Sherman was born from this one fight. Sherman's were sent without infantry into a pre sighted kill box consisting of dug in .88 MM flack 38 AAA guns. Pre sighted on hill tops. The British lost 400 tanks in a single day. The Shermans in the American sector had a much better time of it. They had as good or better armor than the Panthers and at the point blank ranges in the Bocage the L70 76MM main gun of the panther lost its advantage. BTW 90% of German armor in Normandy was Mk.IV tanks and "Stumgashutz"III and IV assault guns. The Tigers and Panthers didn't get into the fight until almost the end, and had no real effect on the battle.---Ray