Monday, October 19, 2020

Three Italian Generals captured after the battle of El Alamein: Giorgio Masina , Brunetto Brunetti , Riccardo Bignami . November 1942


WW II, 1940’s. Waist gunners in action aboard a US B-24 Liberator heavy bomber.


I'd drive that


Who has the right of way?


Dinosaurs are not extinct


On the sea


Mondays, they're like that


Grandpa is living the life


The Beginning of a Big Job


Classic Workspace


Wood is Good




Made in USA


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Swimming Hole of Dreams


Escape from Ice Station Zebra


Harbor Seal disapproves of your behavior


Getting a great lather using Mitchell's Wool Fat

Rejected designs for the Eiffel Tower


Shake your head to see the picture


Naval Tradition Old and New.


The amphibious assault ship USS America, the first in her class, was, this Spring, on patrol in the Pacific with a full deck of Marine airpower, including F-35Bs, and a hull full of Marines and their gear. One thing that caught our eye in recent photos of the ship at sea is the massive flag she is flying above her island superstructure—one that depicts the symbol on Captain America's iconic shield. 

The crew takes special pride in manning the ship that carries its country's name. With a little help from Captain America's iconography, that pride and exceptionalism are taken to a whole new level.  

Sonja Braga


Blast from a wintery past


Meanwhile, in Russia....






The Art of Speed




Friday, October 16, 2020

Me heading into the weekend


This will make you smile: Everyday - Buddy Holly (Allison Young Cover)

Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey - No wonder this thing cost so much to develop.


Show Off


Barn Treasure


Astounding Talent - Something Wonderful Indeed!

So good I had to re-post this from American Digest, which, by the way, deserves a daily visit.

And how are those people walking by in the background not stopped cold by this?  Were it me, there's no way I could not stop and just listen.

Swimming Hole of Dreams - or it would be if they'd just remove that log


Outpost 17