Friday, July 10, 2020

Don't make momma angry


Rounding the Sun on July 3rd and currently headed for the outer Solar System, Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) has been growing brighter in the predawn skies of planet Earth. 

From low Earth orbit it also rises before the Sun, captured above the approaching glow along the eastern horizon in this snapshot from the International Space Station on July 5. Venus, now Earth's morning star is the brilliant celestial beacon on the right in the field of view. 

Above Venus you can spot the sister stars of the more compact Pleiades cluster. Earthbound skygazers can spot this comet with the unaided eye, but should look for awesome views with binoculars.

This is just embarrassing

Now THIS looks like frozen fun!

Might be worth a try

The Caribou Made a Bad Decision

My Kind of Spot

Not a Joke


The Slime Line

Floating Above It All

I Corinthians 11:15

Snake Protection

Friday Open Road

‘Shark Tank’ investor Herjavec: We’re about to see biggest exodus from cities in 50 years

No, Robert, it's going to hurt for a long time indeed.

On Wednesday, new data showed New York City apartment vacancy in June hit a record high of 3.67%. More than 10,000 apartments listed on the market that month, an 85% increase compared with June of last year, according to a report from Miller Samuel and Douglas Elliman. The report largely attributed the spike to brokers being unable to show apartments due to business restrictions, as well as a general decline in demand. 

Adding to that is of course the skyrocketing crime and chaos caused by the political malpractice of the elected leaders in urban areas.  And, of course, the changing dynamics of the workplace, where many can work effectively from home.

However, one must keep in mind that those incompetents were elected by the voters, who in turn must be considered lacking in their duty as citizens to vote for such people.  Glen Reynold's Welcome Wagon approach to the blue refugees isn't enough - they may not be teachable, by and large.

Hence, to protect red areas from the influx of refugees from blue dystopias, suburban leaders need only discourage them from moving there by prominently displaying such politically incorrect but normal and common sense slogans like "All lives matter here in Mayberry."  I'd suggest something like that should go on large signs prominently displayed on all major roads in and out of town.  The Woke Folk will be repelled and go away.

Any further suggestions for slogans to act as Kryptonite to keep the woke blue flu away?  Remember, it has to be something that would have been just fine to say a year ago, but should you say it now you'd lose your job.