Friday, December 25, 2020

Snow Load



  1. It was so freaking cold guy wanted to run out, get picture and not take chance of getting back inside until May

  2. Replies
    1. A cabin up in the hills above us has one. Friend of mine built the place. He skied in one year and had to dig down to the door. We have actually ridden our snowmobiles over the building. This is in Northern California where we "don't get real snowstorms".

  3. was up in the great white outdoors of montana in the 1960s after hellacious late fall snow dump of some feet depth, outside looking at the roof load of the cabin and enjoying the early winter weather. not too cold; -35ish. trees and cabin roof had maybe three feet of snow. and then, it all came down in a roar as an F-101 at some 500' pushing 700kts went screaming down valley. looking downhill for some miles, you could follow his progress by the clouds of snow in the airflow of his passage. my ears rang for a day. impressive.

  4. I think someone arrived at the unoccupied cabin (notice no snow melt around the chimney), started a fire, went out to take a photo, then will go back in to warm up.