Sunday, December 27, 2020

Made in USA



  1. I've never had a use for #6, but I use the pliers almost every day and from time to time having a file on my person has been huge.

    1. #6 - the lanyard ? Many of my larger multi-tools have a 24" 550 cord lanyard with biner on one end for belt loop connection. When working fence, clip to fence wire to keep handy. Keeps from loss in high grass.

      One of the great debates is who manufactures the best all around multi-tool and which model. Not sure if that one will ever be decided.

  2. I usually have a Gerber Quick Draw in my pocket but never seen much utility in carrying a whole box of low grade expensive tools around.

  3. My son gave me his 20+ year old Leatherman Wave when he bought a new one. Until I got to use that every day - and I do - I hadn't realised how bad cheap copies were!