Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Best Of The Internet (2020)

F-15 Firing Training Sidewinder NATM-9M At Drone

Then and Now, Near Colorado Springs, Ute Indians in the Center


Freckles, they are good

What is she thinking?




210 foot long wind blade being transported by road


Snow Load


Burning up the asphalt


Shape Shifters


Cabin Porn


Well, there'll be no attention (positive attention, anyway) from the ladies for you.


The artwork matches the trailer (note the two flat tires)


Made in USA


Tuesday, December 29, 2020

1915 Davison Cadillac armored car.


Likely my next read




Meanwhile, in Minnesota....


She looks tired


Dodge Madness


Find the mountain lion stalking the elk


Three of these, please.


The Resistance Gathers...

 First in Nashville, where a business went to the trouble to manufacture and install this on their front door.

Then, in good ol' Stockton, CA., the state, seeking to oppress a small business in that town, found out to their dismay, I'm sure, that the local authorities would not help them.  This includes the local DA, who will not prosecute.

Pomp Hair Salon in Stockton California was raided by state officials who cited the salon for continuing operations [media story here].  The subsequent misdemeanor citation comes from the state.  However, local law enforcement and county prosecution say they will not participate in the enforcement mechanism.

This creates an unusual dynamic as the state has threatened to revoke licenses for the salon and the workers; but what “enforcement” action could the state undertake?

It is so much easier to enforce the law on people who are natural law abiders.  Enforced on people who habitually pay the taxes and professional fees that fund the pensions these police enjoy.

The rock solid pillars of the community, and indeed the state itself.

  Already many local police entities, recognizing this dynamic, are, like here, refusing to obey, but the authorities more distant from the daily life we all lead are still attempting to enforce compliance. But the day will come, if the idiot politicians have their way, when folk like those you see here, and that includes this policeman, turn and bite back, and when that day comes...

Monday, December 28, 2020

Door to the World, Sedona, Arizona


El Avion Bar, located in Quepos, Costa Rica, on the side of a mountain.




Shape Shifters


Cabin Porn, Swedish Edition


When I was that kid's age I actually had a toy similar to this.


No hiding your location now


Gotta make that turn


A wooden rudder - old school!


Recommended by readers here


Freckles, they are good


The "take along" lights are an interesting concept