Saturday, November 30, 2019

You can actually get your own narwhal tusk should you need to fight off the local barbarians - but they are a bit pricey, as one might expect.


The next thing...

This tree swallowed a post

This foam art thing is getting out of Hand.

Snapping turtle hibernating under the ice.


Big Gator

Classic in a classic color

Brown Eyed Beauty




Your Good News of the Day

The nation exported 89,000 barrels a day more than it imported in September, according to data from the Energy Information Administration Friday. While the U.S. has previously reported net exports on a weekly basis, today’s figures mark a key milestone that few would have predicted just a decade ago, before the onset of the shale boom.
President Donald Trump has touted American energy independence, saying that the nation is moving away from relying on foreign oil. While the net exports show decreasing reliance on imports, the U.S. still continues to buy heavy crude oil from other nations to meet the needs of its refineries. It also buys refined products when they are available for a lower cost from foreign suppliers.
Soaring output from shale deposits led by the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico has been in main driver of the transition.

Note also that many of the Democratic candidates for president want to ban fracking.  Sometimes the mind boggles at what otherwise smart people insist on doing.

This is pretty slick




Freckles, well, you know how I feel.

56 Studebaker pickup

Rolling sky over the rolling plains

Friday, November 29, 2019

400 pounds?

A unique way to clean their teeth

Skills, he has them


via Gfycat

Shasta from Redding. A good start to the Winter snowpack.

Curtiss AT-9 Jeep / Fledgling

Savoia Marchetti S.55

Views of the construction and unveiling of the USS Shenandoah (ZR-1), the first airship built for the US Navy, 1922-23.

Every school child should be able to instantly name these bad ass Americans.

Back when people knew to glare menacingly at the camera/painter, and not smile.

Bring it back

I might tolerate, instead of the central circle here, an engraving of the new Ford class carrier.  Projects power in every way.

1943 Boeing E75N1

About right

Friday Open Road