Thursday, November 28, 2019

Raffle Winner!

I had the Silicon Valley Daughter pick a number, we counted it up on the comments, and it turns out that the lucky dog is....

Wait for it.....

Big Daddy!  Congratulations!

Big Daddy, email me your info.

Here's some lather porn I whipped up using my tub.  It's such good stuff!  Makes me want to shave again, even though I don't need to.


  1. Well, even though I didn't win, the beautiful smile on your little girl more than makes up for it.............

  2. Congrats to the lucky winner, and a happy Thanksgiving to all!

  3. C.W. Just so you know. I would have entered your raffle but had I won your prize would have gone to waste. I haven't shaved in 40 years.

  4. Just another reason to be Thankful on Thanksgiving Day to win this soap!
    (NO Lye!)--Thank-You Sir!

  5. I have to stop posting before coffee

  6. Congrats to Big Daddy. May you find joy, happiness and a refreshing tingle in your shave after receiving the prize!