Tuesday, November 26, 2019



  1. I could eat three of those, chased by something cold.

    The lady holding it is obviously transitioning to be a lobster.

  2. Ah the lobster roll!
    We were going to be visiting the NE and staying in Maine for awhile, a friend said we really needed to try a lobster roll. I'd never heard of them before.
    We were in Massachusetts (Cape Cod I think) and we passed a roadside stand advertising "Lobster Rolls", we had to stop. It was $14 for a lobster roll, 2 oz of lobster meat on a hot dog bun with melted butter. Spendy but it tasted good.
    A bit later we re staying at a friends not too far from Belfast Maine. There is a lot of lobster in Maine! At the local grocery store (Hannaford), back in butcher dept they are selling fresh steamed lobsters for $5.99 a pound. We buy a couple, while they are being steamed we go find hot dog buns and finish our shopping, we pick up the (warm) lobsters, pay and go home. (That was the cheapest we saw lobster for during the 2 months we stayed there).

    For not much more than what 2 oz of lobster on a hotdog bun at a road side side stand cost us we had lobster rolls that looked that what the lady is holding!

    I liked Maine in the summer and the fall.

  3. Dang that looks good but I do not like lobster at all. Put some shrimp on it and I am there!

  4. I used to dive for lobster on the coast of the South Shore of MA. Best day I ever had was at Nantasket Beach at the end of the day. Scuba tanks were empty from the days diving and I went out with fins, mask and snorkel half an hour before sunset; caught my limit in fifteen minutes. Brought them home and we feasted.
    Good times.