Thursday, March 31, 2022

Fossil skull of Dinocrocuta gigantea, the largest hyena ever (that we know of).


Freckles, they are good


I'd commute in that (on a sunny day)




The Dems did so well with Kamala, they decided to use the same standard to decide who to nominate for the Supreme Court


The Art of Speed


The Dearest Jean


Al Zweizig was a P47 pilot in the European Theatre in WWII. He stayed in the service and flew cargo planes in Korea and Vietnam, retiring with the rank of Major (USAF). His eyesight was destroyed by so much contact with Agent Orange, and he became legally blind by the 1990s. Al passed last summer and is buried near Pittsburg PA. 

There's a funny story about the name of the plane. When that P47 arrived at the field, brand new, a Tech Sergeant came up to Al and asked him what he wanted to name it. Al said he didn't care, name it anything you want. The Sergeant said, "well, is there a girl back home that you're seeing?". Al said he thought the last one he remembered dancing with was called Jean, but he wasn't really sure. And the next day his plane was painted "Dearest Jean".  

Thanks for sending this along, Pete!

Your Friendly Smile of the Morning


Inter Species Hostility


Cute and Useful




Artillery, God of the Battlefield


Skills, he has them....



It's vintage


Me This Morning






Self Explanatory

Wednesday, March 30, 2022



Winged Athena holding a helmet unearthed inside an Etruscan villa c. 100 BC.


Black Rain Frogs sound like squeaky toys and look like angry avocados


Find the nearly perfectly camouflaged snow leopard


Ukrainian fighter plane returning to base from a training exercise in 2020 with a street sign lodged in its air intake


Top Down View


When I sell my house, I'm hiring this - uh - "guy."


Spock says, "That's Logical."


Summer's coming...


Freckles and Focus


When Stooges Attack


The Warrior


The art is actually pretty good here


I wonder how long it took to train that elk to ride?


Forget the horse


Yeah, I'd drive that


Unplanned Disassembly


Living Spaces




Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Abmut Merak, 1868, Sweden. He was 60 years old and of Sami heritage.


Князь (Knyaz), art photography , photographer Eric Burhanaev, Tula, Russia


High and Rugged




Condor Strike Vehicle




                                              Heavy Loadout

A fellow in Germany picks his time, sets up his gear, and from the ground gets a shot of the ISS and two astronauts spacewalking.

 Amazing image, considering the circumstances.

Dr. Sebastian Voltmer used a Celestron 11-inch EdgeHD telescope on a GM2000 HPS mount and an ASI290 planetary camera to get the shot.

Ethnic Smile of the Morning