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Slovak Folk Costumes


Mounted knights, 1896, Viktor Vasnetsov


Fishing, 1905, Carl Larsson


Oregon Trail, Albert Bierstadt


A. Vasnetsov: The City of Novgorod


Rest in Harvest, 1865, William-Adolphe Bouguereau




Bob's gun jammed. Then he looked up and saw Sher Khan, who also saw that the gun was jammed.


Painful, but then there's the reward


Otter was not welcomed into the seagull club


Does baking soda expire?


Answering the question everyone is asking. How to pair watches with your wrist tattoos.


If you’re looking for a method to pair your colourful tattoo with a watch, consider revisiting the colour wheel which you were likely introduced to in school. Opposites on the wheel are considered complimentary colours, so you know that blue and orange will always look great, just like purple and yellow, or teal and pink. Colour temperatures can be a good guide as well, so sticking with warmer or cooler tones will likely blend together nicely. The same theory applies to the metal of the watch case, with stainless steel being a cool, white tone, yellow gold being warmer, and rose gold being the warmest. When in doubt, sticking to a monochrome steel watch with a black dial is always a safe bet.

Gerber Assert: Pocket Knife for the Outdoors. The custom shop option sounds interesting.

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