Friday, May 20, 2022

Nice Kitty


Awkward Landing


Island lair for B grade bad guy


Justice is served


Space aliens love frisbee


Is that a space bonsai tree in the background??




Apparently not too far gone


Always watch out for yourself


Bangladeshi. An echo of Alexander's invasion?


Friday Open Road


Thursday, May 19, 2022

Standing on the wing of a 1969 Dodge Daytona


Did that have to be that tall?

There is some debate about this, but most experts will tell you “no,” at least not from an aerodynamic standpoint. In 1969 NASCAR really did race “stock cars” and auto manufacturers had to build and sell at least 500 of them to be eligible to compete. Unlike many spoilers, the Daytona’s rear wing was not attached to the trunk of the car, but the rear quarters instead. This presents a problem when you consider that the trunk of the car actually needs to open if it’s going to be sold to the public. In order to allow the trunk to open all the way, the spoiler had to be raised to height even taller than the roof of the car."



Saw one of these here in Redding today. Drove ok in traffic, it seemed. Very expensive to buy.


The World Order Reset: Required reading to gain an idea of what's going on worldwide, and why Russia has profoundly lost it all no matter what happens in Ukraine.

 The full story here, but a snippet:

Indeed the (re)emergence of this American-led Trans-Atlantic super-bloc – which for various reasons that amuse me I will hereby dub Trans-Atlantis – has the potential to reshape the world in a way that seemed unimaginable before Putin made the impossible possible. Because, as long as Trans-Atlantis remains tightly fused and swimming in sync, it will for the foreseeable future retain unmatched power to dictate the direction of the international order. Leveraging the decisive weight of its global economic and financial power, it will now be able to shape international rules, standards, and norms on everything from trade, investment, and development, to internet regulation and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) restrictions on corporate policy. And, through the weaponization of finance, it will have the tools to police these rules as it chooses.

Alone and Insecure

Suddenly China finds itself alone at the bar. Russia has stumbled off to drunkenly instigate a street fight and lose most of its teeth, and Europa has gone home with the obnoxious middle-aged Yankee in the muscle shirt and overbearing cologne.