Sunday, May 9, 2021

Russian Army - The Best Hell March | Russia Military Power 2020. Da! Pobeda!


Royal Marines Jet Suit Boarding - Cool, but easily defended against.

Freckles are good




Steph Davis climbing “Glad To Be A Trad” rated 13 in Southern Utah, USA.

Useful Knowledge

                                          Mountain lion paw

The difference between a cat and dog track.

I also keep in mind that the dog paw tends to have the toes out if front of the back pad.  

               A cat track can have claw marks if the cat is really digging in to run or change direction.

The engine bay of a Sikorsky S58.


Photo of a lion in a sidecar at a wall of death carnival attraction at Revere Beach, Massachusetts, c. 1929




Gear for the Ice Age


A 71st Special Operations Squadron CV-22 Osprey helicopter is being refueled by a 522nd Special Operations Squadron Lockheed MC-130J Combat Shadow II on Jan. 4, 2012, over the skies of New Mexico.


Dinosaurs are not extinct.


Summer Time Fun


I wonder how much noise a Geiger counter would make on that yellow pile?


Losing something?