Friday, February 3, 2023

Klimt Eastwood.


The point farthest from any ocean on earth.


Sayram Lake lies 6,800 feet in elevation, deep in the Tianshan Mountains and set beautifully within snow-clad mountains and rolling meadows. Horses roam free on the highlands, yurts dot the lakeshore, and Golden eagles fly overhead. It is at or very near the point furthest from any sea. 

Ukrainian Traditional Floral Crowns


Those lines...


Angry Freckles


Dodge Madness




Me this weekend


On the Trail


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    UST BlastMatch Fire Starter with One-Handed Operation

Snowing quite nicely at the Shasta Ski Park right now


Friday Open Road


Worth it to know how to start a fire with this method


      Fire Starter. Magnesium and Euro Fire Steel Ferro Rod.

Eight Bells, by Montague Dawson (1890-1973)