Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A severe case of Heterochromia Iridum

Closing Hatch...


She's worse looking than Stalin

OMG, what?? Imagine finding that in some garage or barn!

A good winter project

Who needs to aim?

My home in the next life


What country does this lovely lass hail from?

Well, looks like the sky isn't falling after all.

Hahaha! True, but ya still gotta like double stacked, 13 round magazines.

"Biggest Fire Loss In Fort Lauderdale History:" Two Mega Yachts Worth $24 Million Ignite In Fiery Conflagration

Well, there's likely insurance.  And even if not, these guys can afford the loss.

The fire broke out early Sunday morning on Trinity Yachts, a 161-foot superyacht, worth around $12 to $16 million. 
Northwestern winds at the time of the incident spread the fire to an adjacent 107-foot Christensen yacht, valued around $6 to $7 million.
Over 60 firefighters from several different fire departments fought the fire on both yachts for 5 hours on Sunday morning. 
A dramatic video of the fire was posted on the Fort Lauderdale Fire Reserve's Facebook page. 

A gorilla's hands vs. human hands

How it would work for me.