Sunday, July 31, 2016

Took some young men shooting today

These guys come home from college for the summer, and they want me to take them to the mountains, let them shoot my guns, using my ammo and ride in my truck to get there.  Of course I will!  Load up, hombres!

First image: rolling through Company Meadows just off of Monitor Pass.  Not another person or cow in sight.  We were the only ones out there, surprisingly.  I guess not that many folk are willing to go off the paved road.

The kid brought his drone - this summer's super toy - and flew it.

The hombres watching the drone video in real time.  The sun was too bright for the iPad screen, so they crowded into the truck to watch.  Great fun, and a video everyone will enjoy will be up in a day or two.

Some local summer color.

The hombres and their choice of handguns.  Trying to look tough.

The Kahr is always popular in 9mm Lugar.  Now that it's had more than 200 rounds through it, it is quite reliable, at least with the ball ammo I was feeding it.

An empty hull in mid flight.

The Seecamp reclining on a Mule Ear ( which were plentiful and very aromatic).

The Encore chambered in 204 Ruger.

The speedy bullet does a number on a tin can.

Lever actions in 45 Colt are always popular.

Afterwards, we drove in to Gardnerville, Nevada, and ate up a feast.  Then, over Carson Pass and back to our corner of the civilized world, a little lighter on ammo, but with big smiles all around.

Pocket Knife Porn

Jorgmandr eller Miðgarðsormr

Muslim journalist converts to Catholicism.

A leading journalist has announced on Twitter that he is becoming a Christian.
Sohrab Ahmari, editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal, announced on Twitter that he is converting to Catholicism.

Jenny Taylor, director of Lapido Media, told Christian Today: "Journalists are often brave, but this is beyond brave. In fact, he had to take the tweet down later so as to protect his own church from what he called 'the crazies'.
"Muslims everywhere according to my sources are beginning to recognise that Islam cannot be both the religion of peace and an endless source of revolting acts of ritualised evil against the innocent. In protest, many feel the time for excuses is over, and that their very real longing for God can only be fulfilled elsewhere."
I recall a while back the Iranian mullahs were seriously concerned a whole province there was somehow planning to convert to Christianity.  This guy is fortunate that he lives in the US, where he for now still has the freedom to do this.  Many of the people who we call Muslims are only cultural Muslims, and have little true spiritual connection to that so called faith.  Given the barbaric and evil behavior of their co religionists across the world, it is no surprise that some can stand no more, and leave, either overtly like this fellow, or privately in spirit.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Which clan?

In order to leave the European Union, the British Prime Minister must first do battle with a champion nominated by each member state

Jumping without a parachute. Ok, then.


An army of some 300 vehicles rebuild Tverskaya Street and Pushkin Square in Moscow, Russia. Timelapse made by Dmitry Chistoprudov.


Sunset on Earth and on Mars.

The Sun is just a bit smaller on Mars.

ISS, the parking lot

P38 from above

Some cool handmade stuff for sale

Introducing Amazon Handmade

Urban Craft Uprising is fun to browse, especially when you can find something like this for that special someone.  All I can say is, don't give this to a redhead.

Concrete Cube earrings.  Heh.



Freckles, they are good

Beinn Edra, Isle of Skye.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Cabin Porn

Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh, Scotland


Another Haplogroup R1-b gal, and her horse.

Ejected from the wreck, nearly squished like a bug, but he gets up and walks away.

Bikini clad Swedish police officer makes an arrest.

She was off duty and wearing a bikini but that didn't stop Swedish police officer Mikaela Kellner from catching a suspected thief.

Don't tick off a Swedish cop - or perhaps in her case, go ahead and do it.

A photo of Kellner pinning the suspect to the ground was trending on social media in Sweden this week.
"My first intervention while wearing a bikini during my 11 years as a police officer," she wrote on Instagram.
Kellner and three friends were sunbathing Wednesday in a Stockholm park when a homeless man selling newspapers approached, she told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.
After he left, one friend noticed her phone was missing. Kellner and a fellow police officer gave chase.
Kellner said she didn't hesitate to make the arrest while wearing a bikini.
"If I had been naked I would have intervened as well," she said.

Hillary's psycho surprised face. Watch and shudder.

Friday Open Road

Subreddit "Photoshopbattles."

Cloud sourcing their skills to crack me up this morning.

The challenge began with this nausea inducing shot.   Make it better!

That's better

Even better

High school dance

Then my favorite.  Don't tell Huma!