Sunday, July 31, 2016

Muslim journalist converts to Catholicism.

A leading journalist has announced on Twitter that he is becoming a Christian.
Sohrab Ahmari, editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal, announced on Twitter that he is converting to Catholicism.

Jenny Taylor, director of Lapido Media, told Christian Today: "Journalists are often brave, but this is beyond brave. In fact, he had to take the tweet down later so as to protect his own church from what he called 'the crazies'.
"Muslims everywhere according to my sources are beginning to recognise that Islam cannot be both the religion of peace and an endless source of revolting acts of ritualised evil against the innocent. In protest, many feel the time for excuses is over, and that their very real longing for God can only be fulfilled elsewhere."
I recall a while back the Iranian mullahs were seriously concerned a whole province there was somehow planning to convert to Christianity.  This guy is fortunate that he lives in the US, where he for now still has the freedom to do this.  Many of the people who we call Muslims are only cultural Muslims, and have little true spiritual connection to that so called faith.  Given the barbaric and evil behavior of their co religionists across the world, it is no surprise that some can stand no more, and leave, either overtly like this fellow, or privately in spirit.


  1. A brave man, who has now invited his own death at the hands of the true believers in that savage ideology he is trying to leave.

    I'll pray for him.

  2. So the so-called 'Religion of Peace' (brilliant observation Dubya! What a great brave conservative he was!) will put a death warrant on this guy. Yeah, we need to import more muslims into the US, that will bring all kinds of wealth and peace and prosperity. If you believe that, you need help, and you also probably are a hilLIARy voter.