Monday, July 31, 2023

That hair...


Is that a "Red Injun" wagon there? Politically incorrect!


Pork Brains? Gross, but hey, if it comes with milk gravy, then it's ok!


God Crushed It


That driving position - flat and splayed out.


Freckles are good


British WWI tank "Crusty."


The last moments of the camera crew




Lay off the alcohol, Ernest


The most useful tool


Me this morning facing the week


Lose the weird pants, mon ami.


Freckles are good


Genius at work


Sunday, July 30, 2023

Yogi didn't like what he saw, so he killed it


Mechanical Art


Get that man - centaur - a 1911 with some .45 acp


No one will ever forget this year's celebration.


If I ever visit Colorado, I'll have to try some


Did this on the Recteq this evening. Pork ribs.


Happy Pup


Diana Rigg in danger mode


Excellent Living Space


Or a Black Manhattan


Bet you can see that from space


He should stick to playing chess.


Your Happy Surfer Smile of the Morning


One Chubby Sub


The Dangerous Librarian


Spitting Flares


Mustang at the beach


Tiny crab is friendly










Saturday, July 29, 2023



Coming to get you


Too Far?


Her dad is proud


Bad Ent


Gina with a dangerous object




Now, jump off.




Four Masted Barque rounding Cape Horn 1928 - Captain Irving

Your Perfect Teeth Smile of the Morning


Genius at Work


Summertime Tool


15 Days in 5 Minutes - Epic Formation of an Icelandic Volcano

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