Friday, June 30, 2017

Crab no likee the octupus

Patriot cleans up Trump's star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

It all happens on the 405 in LA: Fiery Plane Crash on California Freeway During Rush Hour Traffic

“They were laying on the ground, clearly, covered in blood, but they were speaking to us,” the witness said. “We thought that we were going to witness people just burning to death … it was the most frightening thing I have ever seen.”
The man and woman on the plane, “suffered traumatic injuries,” according to Orange County fire officials.
Orange County Fire officials also told ABC that no one driving on the freeway was injured.
The incident occurred around 9:30 a.m. PDT.   The freeway was shut down in both directions and the nearby John Wayne airport was closed to arrivals.

And of course there's video:

Friday Hakas

Freckles, they are good

Summer + BBQ = Good Times

Patriotic American fights the City of Dallas over their demand to sell his property to them, and wins.

But check out how angry this politician is that he successfully fought off the city's efforts to steal his house.  This woman has it backwards.  She and the city officials are the abusers here.  If they had a true eminent domain right, they could have legitimately used it, but apparently couldn't. Vote her, and everyone else on that council, out of office.

Two Russians and a cat

Priest Solodkov, the ship’s doctor and the ship’s cat on the deck of Kagul, Bizerta, 1921. Kagul (renamed Ochakov, later General Kornilov) was built by Sevastopol dockyard. Laid down 1900, launched October 1902, completed 1905, seized by the White forces in the Russian Civil War and interned in Bizerta in 1920 as part of Wrangel’s fleet, sold for scrap in 1933.

Friday Open Road

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Using some big time, serious equipment. Loggers rock.

Your good news of the day

U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez, who is based in San Diego, issued a preliminary injunction Thursday that found the law was likely unconstitutional because it prevented people from using firearms that employed “whatever common magazine size he or she judges best suits the situation.” The law would have barred people from possessing magazines containing more than 10 bullets.
“The State of California’s desire to criminalize simple possession of a firearm magazine able to hold more than 10 rounds is precisely the type of policy choice that the Constitution takes off the table,” the injunction read.
Some common sense and respect for the people's freedom and liberty is long overdue in California.  The state's politician's almost frantic fear of an armed populace tells you all you need to know about where they stand and what kind of people they are.
As someone said, never trust a government that won't trust its people with the right to bear arms.  The Czech people have just now passed a law allowing their citizens to keep and bear.  Given the political situation in that part of the world, it won't be long before others follow suit, yet here in California our governing class is hell bent on denying the state's citizens such freedoms.  Why?  The only reasons are bad ones.

Read more here:

The massive Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina

The glacier is unusual in that it is advancing, while most glaciers worldwide are retreating. The reason remains debated by glaciologists.[1][2] The terminus of the Perito Moreno Glacier is 5 kilometres (3 mi) wide, with an average height of 74 m (240 ft) above the surface of the water of Argentino Lake, in Argentina. It has a total ice depth of 170 metres (558 ft).

Pressures from the weight of the ice slowly pushes the glacier over the southern arm ("Brazo Rico") of Argentino Lake, damming the section and separating it from the rest of the lake. With no outlet, the water level on the "Brazo Rico" side of the lake can rise by as much as 30 meters above the level of the main body of Argentino Lake. Intermittently, the pressure produced by the height of the dammed water breaks through the ice barrier causing a spectacular rupture, sending a massive outpouring of water from the Brazo Rico section to the main body of Lake Argentino. As the water exits Brazo Rico, the scored shoreline is exposed, showing evidence of the height of the water build-up. This dam–ice-bridge–rupture cycle recurs naturally between once a year to less than once a decade.

Fascinating explanation of the stunts in a scene from John Wick 2

Incoming! Jihadi scum see it just a little too late.

Allahu not so akhbar.

Pissed off pregnant woman runs down thief with her car.

Them Southern Women don't cotton none to rapscallions and their thieving ways.

Hormones.  Or, mamma bear syndrome.  Either way, she seriously tagged this idiot.  And of course, the criminal is shirtless.

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — A pregnant woman tells News 13 she chased a man and hit him with her SUV in a Walmart parking lot after she says he attempted to steal her purse.
It happened around 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday at the Walmart on Bleachery Boulevard. News 13 was there and got exclusive video of the incident.
Christine Braswell and other witnesses we talked to said the man was rummaging through her SUV prior to the incident.
When witnesses confronted the man, Braswell says he ran away with her purse and dropped some other items. She says she initially chased after him on foot but decided to pursue him in her vehicle because she's pregnant.
"I jumped in the car, threw it in gear and came across the curb and ran over him," Braswell told News 13. "I wasn't going to let him get away with it."
The man was transported to the hospital after the incident. Asheville police told News 13 he is expected to be OK and only suffered minor injuries.
The man who was hit has been charged with felony breaking and entering, larceny and misdemeanor damage to property. Christine Braswell has been charged with misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon.

Too close

Those pesky 80 year old Chinese ladies...

An 80-year-old Chinese passenger stopped on the tarmac to "bless" the plane with coins.

A China Southern Airlines flight was stuck in Shanghai for five hours after an elderly woman threw coins into the engine for “good luck.”

The 80-year-old stopped on the tarmac to make “blessings” as she was boarding her Guangzhou-bound flight and then threw nine coins into the engine turbine, according to the Independent.

Her “good luck” ritual prompted concerned passengers to alert airline staff, who conducted a full examination of the engine and evacuated 150 passengers.

Staff members found that one coin had landed in the engine and expressed concerns over the potential damage it could have caused had it been sucked into the mechanism.

The woman was later detained by police, the airline said.

“After investigation the involved passenger surnamed Qiu said she threw coins to pray for safety. According to Qiu’s neighbor, Qiu believes in Buddhism,” police said, according to the Daily Mail.

On a forum I frequent, this story prompted a couple of interesting responses.

One: I witnessed a similar event. I worked at airports for about a decade and the first of five aircraft accidents I've seen was a DC - 9 that took off on a slushy snow covered runway in Redding, CA. It was unusual to get that much snow in Redding and we watched the aircraft take off after a long delay that morning. The main wheels were spewing slush into both intakes and right at the point of no return an engine coughed/banged and the pilots had to preform an emergency stop. My boss and I expected the worst and we both thought about picking up wounded bodies with the shop Rambler. It was very close but they managed to stop it before it ran off the runway.

Two:  Coins can destroy an engine and then again may not. A weapons guy tossed an arming pin on the ground in front of an A-7D and it went down the intake. The crew chief on the ground cord called for an emergency shut down. The plane was towed to the ramp and the engine shop bore scoped the engine. IIRC one fan blade had a nick that was smoothed out and it flew later that day. The fan section cut the streamer off and it went through the engine. The pin went through the fan bypass duct and shot out the tail pipe. I saw a F-100D suck a small bird down the intake right when the pilot lit the afterburner. A fireball the size of a VW beetle came out the tail pipe. The pilot said every engine gauge red lined and went to normal so he taxied back to the ramp. The plane flew home that day. Then again a small rock or bolt can shell out a compressor. A C-130/P-3/E-2 prop turns at 1076RPM. Believe it or not birds can get past the prop and into the engine intake. Not often but I've seen it happen.

I bet there are a multitude of fascinating stories like these out there.

Oops, more work needed....

Taminator013 sent this to me, and I liked it so much I'm posting it.

I didn't see Merle in Bakersfield yesterday, although them Bakersfielders gone done and named a whole street after him.

Karambit Porn

What a self sufficient lifestyle is is a matter of definition. Nevertheless, likely an educational read.

Patagonia, Argentina

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I'm sure she's taken, men.

Home alone, doing this

Oh lord almighty, NO!



The Bakersfield Run

Not quite so exhilarating as the Kessel Run, and I didn't do it in less than 12 parsecs, but it was there and back today, about eight hours in the saddle.  The big Dodge ran well, although the right front tire has a vibration at the perfect highway speed of about 70mph.  That's annoying.  I'll have to see why later.

Although not on the standard tourist route, I did pass such interesting places as Sandy Mush, Dead Man Creek, Chowchilla, Kimberlina Road, Merle Haggard Drive and the throbbing heartbeat of the lower San Joaquin Valley, lovely Oildale.

Some of the little dry wash rivers were no longer dry.  The mighty Chowchilla River is normally a dusty wash, but today, where 99 crosses it, it was running nicely, with green, cold water.  I think this is the only time I've seen water in it.

The Kings River at 99 crosses under the highway and past a nice little resort, but today they had sandbags out to keep the water out of the clubhouse.

The Fresno River, normally as bone dry as the Chowchilla, was also running swiftly with cold, clear snowmelt.

I'm planning on a Yosemite Valley run next week, with the wife and two daughters, and this bodes well for a dramatic flow over the waterfalls.  I'll bet the mist trail up to Vernal Falls is a very wet walk.

Also planning dinner at the iconic Ahwahnee Hotel (yes I am aware it's called something else now, but to me it's always going to be the Ahwahnee), which I'm sure the ladies will enjoy.

Never gets old

Might be a fun read

About to embark on the long drive to Bakersfield and back

For business, or, as I like to think of it, to wield the sword of justice heavily and repeatedly on those who richly deserve it.

Go full sized.

Don't go in the water.

Last month, reports emerged that great white sharks were becoming prey for orcas off of South Africa’s coast.
A spokeswoman for Marine Dynamics, a shark cage diving company in Kleinbaai on South Africa’s Western Cape, told Fox News that the great white that washed up over the weekend was another victim of “orca predation.” The 13.5-foot shark, which washed up on Saturday, is the fourth recent grisly great white find, she added.
The great white, like the other sharks that washed up, had its liver removed with “almost surgical precision,” according to South Africa’s Sunday Times. A shark’s liver, which weighs as much as a person, is highly nutritious, the Sunday Times reports.
That must explain why I used to like liver and onions as a kid.  Who eats that anymore, though?

The new way to make ice cream