Sunday, June 25, 2017

A useful stash, and supposedly they never burn out.


  1. I replaced all the incandescents in our house with the Phillips LEDs this past winter and am very happy. Been wanting to do it for quite some time, and the price is now low enough to justify the expense. Make sure to get the dimmable ones if you have dimmer switches as the ones linked will flash when tuned down (groovy, me how I know this...). And please not GE as they're strongly in the globalist/Anti-USA camp.

    1. One of my plans this summer is to upgrade, and I'll definitely avoid any GE product.

  2. Phillips bulbs are no bargain either, CW.

  3. Over 10 yrs ago I stocked up with those old-fashioned Edison globes that you could get back then, they were expensive (I paid $1 for 10 of them) in all wattages. I think since then I've had to replace two, maybe three of the globes in my house so it looks like the lamps will outlast me. (I don't have a single fixture that the curly-type lamps will fit in, so I was taking precautions; that was long before you could buy the LED types.) I've still got several cases of them left, and lately I've noticed that the 99 Cent Stores & Amazon are still selling them, long after they were supposedly "banned."

    I recall reading about a fellow who replaced all his bulbs with LED-types, who then chortled about all the money he was saving. This fellow lives in a cold part of the country; as a result, he's had to buy additional heaters for his house and he's still trying to figure out how to keep snow off his driveway lights (that wasn't a problem with the old type.) Reminds me of my uncle, who always won in Vegas; how? Why, he never counted his losses, only his winnings!

    Personally, I still miss the kero Aladdin lamps that I had when I lived in Australia. Plenty bright, and they gave a nice warmth to the atmosphere. Guess I'm just not the modernistical type!

  4. Don't get the ones at Costco. I believe they may be Feit brand all six of mine have burned out in within a year.