Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Don't go in the water.

Last month, reports emerged that great white sharks were becoming prey for orcas off of South Africa’s coast.
A spokeswoman for Marine Dynamics, a shark cage diving company in Kleinbaai on South Africa’s Western Cape, told Fox News that the great white that washed up over the weekend was another victim of “orca predation.” The 13.5-foot shark, which washed up on Saturday, is the fourth recent grisly great white find, she added.
The great white, like the other sharks that washed up, had its liver removed with “almost surgical precision,” according to South Africa’s Sunday Times. A shark’s liver, which weighs as much as a person, is highly nutritious, the Sunday Times reports.
That must explain why I used to like liver and onions as a kid.  Who eats that anymore, though?


  1. I've never been a fan of liver and onions, CW, but orcas seem to love them.

    1. Killer whales and I apparently have that in common, although I don't eat mine raw, torn with my own teeth from the wriggling body of a giant Great White Shark. Maybe I should try that sometime...and sell tickets to the spectacle. My widow would appreciate any income that might generate.

    2. OR- You'd succeed, gulp down 180 lbs of living, writhing shark liver, become a movie star like the (late) Crocodile Hunter, and earn enough to buy a sea plane.

  2. Funny...I was just talking about liver and onions the other day to someone. Never did like it.

  3. Husband likes it. Makes it for himself at deer camp.

  4. Love liver and onions. Can only get in a restaurant, wife won't allow the smell in the house!