Friday, January 31, 2020

I about died laughing when I saw this picture

Apparently Chuck and the Dems were having a serious press conference about impeachment but Kamala Harris just couldn't keep a straight face and was goofing around behind him so much Schumer had to turn around and tell her to knock it off and act like an adult.

I'll bet he wished he was a Republican at that exact moment.  

Update: I watched the video, and just before Chuck turns and tells her to stop, she's overtly flirting with Sherrod (who is a male in spite of having a female first name) Brown.  That's why she's in that state of mind. 

Ol' Stripe

Which is why our country is a constitutional republic, not a democracy

Although those that don't understand this, or who lust for raw power, keep trying, mostly successfully, to make the country into a pure democracy.

Friday Open Road

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Thursday Evening 1911


Love some hot chocolate on cold days

After the EMP

I like how the dog leads the way


Anybody know what that white and red flag is?

Shape Shift in Progress

Babe Ruth donating his autobiography to the captain of Yale baseball team & future president George H.W. Bush, 1948.

Johnny Cash’s U.S. Air Force portrait [1950s]. As a radio interceptor, it is rumored - and even likely - that he was the first person to learn of Stalin’s death.

Lots of detail in this shot

That's a wreck

Baby Yoda's Baby Horny Toad

Do you suppose those wings are producing any lift whatsoever at that angle?



Of course he did


Your Happy Smile of the Morning

Lit up like a Christmas tree

Steer's Revenge

Wall of Tack, Properly Arranged