Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Simulation of rolling stop F-35 landing on the QEII carrier

The boys and their.....whatever that is.




Tacos, Yes!




This is the first F-117 (US air force serial number 79-10780) during final Assembly at the Lockheed Skunk Works plant in Burbank, California, around 1980. This plane is now on display at Nellis.


Pratt & Whitney J-58 Engine for the SR-71 with 30,000 lbs. of thrust each (x2) and capable of Mach 3 + (over 2,000 miles per hour / 33 miles per minute / 3,000 feet per second)


Freckles are good


Perfect for Lake Tahoe




This would be fun


                             The Overstreet Arrowhead Identification Guide.

Looks fast sitting still


But can they get it to start?


Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Home Office


Incredible Artistry In leather








Monday, November 29, 2021

Supermarine Walrus "Spotter of Spartivento", one of the spotting aircraft used during the battle of Capo Spartivento, 27 November 1940, and the naval bombardment of Genoa, 9 February 1941, prepares to be launched from the catapult on cruiser HMS Sheffield.


150 CASE & 44 John Deere bottoms - Wow!

Literally Horse Power

Your Happy Smile of the Morning


Meanwhile, in Iceland...


Amazing Stat


Lucky Pup


Me at work today


Running, Living Water


Coffee Dog


My Car!!


Those dogs....


Mondays, they're like that


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Double Trouble


Portrait of Unzie, an Albino Aborigine Man (New Zealand) the Late 19th Century


S.S. Princess May wrecked on Sentinel Is., Alaska, August 5, 1910,


Wow! Hacktastic!


                                                                          Buck Chopper.

It is a nice little runabout. Could it come in Red?


The US space agency was able to combine two black and white images of the landscape taken by their rover at different times of the day and then added color.


On 16 November, engineers ordered the rover to capture two images - one at 8.30am and other at 4.10pm.

These images were able to show the scenery under different lighting conditions with each photo highlighting various details in the landscape.

The two images were then combined creating a singular picture that featured blue elements from the morning and oranges from the photo later in the day.

Tesla vs Camel crossing the road in Arabia

Tesla with camel damage.

Medieval Hide and Seek Champion. It’s located at the Abbey of Sainte Foy, Conques, France, which dates from c. 1050


13th century birch wood drinking horn from Sweden


On the Water


Ah, youth...


Do it


Already has the moves


Six gallons for 99 cents


He meant to do that


Keep the power on


Bowser is not good at "hide and seek."