Saturday, November 27, 2021

Finding itself without a driver, the four wheeler made its break for freedom



  1. Bummer for him but funny as hell.

  2. Got a father and son team that do that practically every weekend here in Idaho!

  3. Probably still running today, hope it found a mate to share its adventures

  4. Spend most of my working life seeing ER patients....and in the Great Basin Desert a favorite hobby is motor sports in the desert. Lots of people ride dirt bikes. Lots more ride quads. The difference is when something goes wrong riding a dirt bike you go one way and the bike goes another. Biff it while riding a quad and it has a tendency to hunt you down and curb stomp you in revenge. Dirt bike riders usually have minor injuries after an accident. Quad riders frequently have serious injuries.

    1. Roger that Dan. After several minor injuries on a 4 wheeler, finally got the big one. Collapsed lung shattered clavicle, and broke every single fucking rib on my right side. Sold that death trap while I was still in the hospital. Went with a side x side, you know, roll bars and doors and seat belt. Doctor in ER said, you need a new hobby. Echoed your comments. That and trampolines keep the bone docs in biz.