Monday, November 29, 2021

Your Happy Smile of the Morning



  1. If she cleans it and fry's it up I'll let her have some. heh

  2. Can't help but like a girl who wields a fly rod. Why don't I ever run into a cute girl like that on the stream, I wonder.

    1. Cause they only exist in staged photo's for fishing products?

  3. I live next to Lake Pueblo and have taken my fishing boat out hundreds of times. Never once have I or any of my friends ever since a gal launch her boat and go fishing alone. Demographics I suppose. Fly fishing? Looks to gay for me taste. I guide friend challenged my to go Nymphing the Arkansas below the dam. That hooked me. In that short time I've met two gals fishing by themselves. Who knew?

  4. In the spirit of Peggy Lee, this Lass says "I’m a Woman"! Think I've come down with "Fever"!