Friday, November 26, 2021

An Oregon-born gray wolf that thrilled biologists as it journeyed far south into California was found dead after apparently being struck by a vehicle.

 A truck driver reported spotting the dead wolf on Nov. 10 near the Kern County town of Lebec, about 75 miles (120 kilometers) northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

The carcass was located along a dirt trail near a frontage road running parallel to Interstate 5, and a warden who responded quickly identified the wolf as OR93 because of a radio tracking collar it wore, the department said.

A necropsy performed at Wildlife Health Laboratory in Rancho Cordova found that the wolf had significant tissue trauma to its left rear leg, a dislocated knee and soft tissue trauma to the abdomen.

OR93 was born to the White River pack in northern Oregon in 2019. He went into California’s Modoc County on Jan. 30, 2021, returned to Oregon briefly, then again entered California on Feb. 4 and headed south.

His last collar transmission was from the central coast’s San Luis Obispo County on April 5. By then he had traveled at least 935 miles (1,505 kilometers) in California, the wildlife department said.

There are certainly more that the authorities don't know about.


  1. Nothing wrong with wolves, its humanity that has the problem, like any species the drive to survive will send an animal or human to areas where there is food and shelter Respect their areas, everything needs a place.

    1. Generations of Americans spent considerable time and effort getting rid of wolves, bears and mountain lions.
      They didn't do that for kicks.
      I'm fine without the big predators living on my block.

    2. The USA is a big country and I guess there's room for those critters. Here in Britain we have no large predators, foxes and badgers hardly count. Now the idiots want to reintroduce bears, wolves, lynx and probably wild boar. A walk in the countryside won't be possible in their brave new world. I suspect that all this guff about rewilding has something to do with some UN agenda.

  2. Look up some of the videos showing what wolves do to other animals. They are ugly beasts at heart and gang focused.

  3. The Big Question is how did he travel almost all the way to LA? Was that via PETA bus or did he hitchhike?

    Canadian wolves were introduced to Idaho and Oregon with the help of US Fish and Game along with some unnamed groups. They didn't just migrate on their own. So, how did this boy get so far south and did he have some companions with him?