Friday, March 31, 2023

Then they start to fight with one another


Calamari v. Diver


Very Large Job


The only good landing is one you walk away from






Bare tool

Holmes writes his own rules


L'escrime, c'est un ballet avec des armes.


Your Friendly Smile of the Morning


Mistimed Wave = Long Fall


The Hideout


Meanwhile, In Iceland, Icebergs on the Beach


Pictish Symbols, Meaning Unknown.


U2 somewhere in the Southwest


Czechoslovak Railroad Workers defrosting Railway Tracks using a MiG-15 Engine during a severe snow storm, 1970


Friday Open Road


Thursday, March 30, 2023

And people disrespect capitalism: SpaceX 80% of Space Payloads in 2023 and 99.99% in 2026

SpaceX and China were roughly tied in 2022 with 61 and 62 orbital launches but SpaceX had more payload. Combined SpaceX and China were 80% of orbital launches in 2022. SpaceX is on pace to double its launches in 2023. Elon indicates that SpaceX should deliver 80% of all of the payloads in 2023. This is even without the Super Heavy Starship getting into operation. 

Super Heavy Starship will eventually have more frequent launches and each launch will have five to ten times the payload.

SpaceX will have built five complete Super-heavy Starships by the end of 2023. If those were flying every week in 2024, then that would be 250 launches with five to seven times the payload. This would mean about 15 times the payload versus 2023. 

SpaceX has a Raptor engine factory that can scale to 4000 engines per year. This would be enough for one hundred Super-Heavy Starships per year. This could mean 10,000 launches per year with 10 times the payload in each launch. This would be one thousand times the 2023 payload launch capacity. SpaceX would reach 99.99% of payloads with a fleet of 100+ Super Heavy Starships. This seems to be certain by 2026.

Old School




Happy Pup


You make her heart flutter


Battleship in Drydock


Interesting Tool


Repaint, or leave it as is?






No plastic on that camera


Somewhere in Nevada or Arizona, they turned a forest into a trestle


They should bring the box back


Triple Eye




How to Make a Nail in the 18th-Century