Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Security Cameras are not a bad thing



  1. Anything this camera sees, the company sees....and stores on it's servers. And will give to LEO if requested....with or without a warrant. Think long and hard before using Blink, Ring or any other cloud based camera surveillance system.

    1. ^That, right there.
      Anything web/app based is just a free spyware program, jjst as toting your cell phone everywhere is a permanent spy on your every movement, to within 3m, everywhere you drag it, and that's before they download all the texts, photos, numbers called, etc., even assuming they're not hoovering up every spoken word of every conversation, forever.
      The camera systems grab not just daily activities, but facial recognition, and anything else you can imagine.
      Watering lawn during drought? Here's your fine.
      Looking for a fugitive? We'll just scroll through your history.
      Lawn too long unmowed? Here's your HOA assessment.

      F*ck that sh*t in the @$$ with a dull rusty chainsaw.

      You want security? Yank out the camera apps.
      (Hint: Teslas have a camera that points inside the car. How convenient - for the FBI.)
      You want security cameras? Put them in yourself, to your own server and drive.
      Anything else is just handing your keys to the company (and the government, without any warrant) 24/7/365/forever.
      Let's stop making 1984 a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    2. All True.
      And I haven't seen one yet that doesn't come with a Chinese App and demand access and full rights on your network.

    3. Never forget, if they can take stuff off your camera or phone they can also put stuff "on" your camera or phone. Say, kiddee pr0n for example.

  2. 'Free' means 'You are the product'.

  3. Had Blink for a while, but as soon as they forced me to use my phone # to access the system, I turned it off.....

  4. why are you promoting commie spyware crap?

  5. I have Blink. Not on the cloud. Videos on motion or i can watch remotely. Can also talk to someone on the screen. Records on a USB. Only on when i'm out of town.

    1. That's what you think.
      If you can watch remotely, so can Blink. It's their software, FFS.
      And by extension, LEOs and three-letter agencies can hack in, or get access just for asking.

  6. Install a Ring Floodlight or Spotlight cam or an Echo smart speaker, and you’re donating some of your home network bandwidth with random passersby. Those devices function as Sidewalk Bridges (also called Sidewalk Gateways), which connect any Sidewalk device (also called Sidewalk Endpoints) within range with Amazon servers via the home Wi-Fi network to which they’re connected.