Monday, March 27, 2023




  1. I guess one wears suction cups on their feet to get in and out.

  2. I have known owners of similar high value shiny objects. They were nervous wrecks on the edge of a panic attack if anyone or anything in any way threatened to diminish the shininess of the object. A crescent wrench in a back pocket would give them the vapors.

    Give me a baja bug or jeep or dirt bike. something meant to bash about in rough country. Something with a black matte rattle can paint job.

  3. How does anyone get behind the steering wheel? Must be very skinny.

  4. I have a compelling desire to paddle my Grumman conoe up and key the hell out of it.

    1. Grew up in the front seat of a 19' Grumman with a square stern my old man ran an 18hp Johnson on.
      You learn to sit still.

  5. Looks as though it could cut through the waves like a potato.

  6. Très Steampunk.
    Cute. Shiny. Cramped for anything but solo occupancy.
    And probably worthless on anything not glassy flat.

    1. Further details:
      Scotty G-17
      Unlimited class hull with Packard engine | Built in 1929 by John Hacker | It was owned by Mark Howard of Center Tuftonboro, New Hampshire
      Scotty raced in 1929 for the Gold Cup and came in second overall.

      Race details:
      "In the first heat Sam Dunsford's Scotty, a shining mahogany creation of John Hacker's, with a Packard motor, gave Imp a good race, and forced her to complete the 30 miles at a rate of 50.49 miles an hour with her fastest lap at a 51.96 rate.
      Miss Los Angeles furnished the real thrill of the race when, on the fourth lap of the second heat, she hit Scotty's wake on the far turn of the course and capsized like a flash, throwing Ralph Snoddy and his mechanic 30 feet in the air before they hit the water. After making the turn, Sam Dunsford, Scotty's owner-driver, saw what had happened, and immediately swerved around and ran back to help rescue Snoddy and his companion. Coast Guard cutters were ahead of him, however, so Scotty resumed her stern chase of Imp, the latter having slowed down to a 45-mile clip as her competitors lagged behind. Jersey Lightning was back in this heat, and, profiting by Scotty's loss of time, finished second to Imp

      The third heat was a walk-away for Imp, which was never extended. Scotty was running second until the last lap, when her motor went wrong, and she was passed by Jersey Lightning, which was plodding steadily around the course at a 44-mile clip."

      Ain't the internet grand?
      And as noted below, it's no longer running a Packard either.

  7. form is not always functional.

  8. I believe that is the Ethyl Ruth iv. Built in the 30s as a Gold Cup unlimited hydroplane. I think by Hacker for Gar Wood.

    It was named Chloe for a while. My uncle Robert "Bob" Henry owned it from about 1950 til he died in 73. He kept it on Lake George ny. It was in Harrah's Tahoe museum for a while as Chloe but has since been restored as ethyl Ruth in private hands.

    He did not have that piddly ass engine in it. He had a v12 Allison aircraft engine that stuck up about a foot above the deck.

    Probably a death trap. I was ABSOLUTELY forbidden to go out in in. You don't really think that will stop a 10 year old boy, do you?

    Video of it and other Henry boats (my dad raced outboards) here this boat is at about 1:42

    Dad & me in his class D at about 50 seconds