Thursday, August 31, 2023

Lady pilot disembarked the ship in rough weather

There's a lot of small water ponds around here, but they get weedy quickly in the summer. I've been told this is the lure for these conditions.


           Frog Topwater Fishing Crankbait Lures/Weedless

Pinzgauer on Tip-over Challenge Hell's Revenge trail.

1975 Pinzgauer 712M. From three years ago but still fun to watch.

Meanwhile, in Sweden....


That devilish look on Annie's face!


Don't let the concussion damage your windshield, sister.


Been on jury duty. Just got kicked off this morning on a preemptory challenge

That's where they don't have to state a reason.  Mrs CW's supervisor from her job was in the pool, and I got to do that walk of shame/freedom right in front of her. Now I'm free as a bird... until tomorrow, when it's back to work, but they say this is a long weekend.

Plus, chance of rain tonight and for sure tomorrow, which means more snow on Shasta, to follow the cap the lonely mountain got on August 20th.  

I sense the return of the ice age.  Hopefully, that includes the return of the megafauna!

Freckles, they are good.


He's saying, "Come at me, Bro!"


Shark Bite. Moral: Don't Get In The Water With Them.


Useful Information


          Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

Good use of an old quarry


Not a good sign




Well, that's a two stroke penalty right there.


It's in a good mood. Whatever "it" is.


Not good. I hope they were able to drag him back in.


Just Gross


Anybody Home?


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Morning Smile


The Art of Speed


Still Having Fun


12 hour duration


Wut Chu' Lookin' At?








Bringing home the....Bacon?


Cold Camp.


Red Skates and Tats Galore!


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Side Door Cathedral of St. Magnus, Kirkwall, Scotland


Your Happy Smiles of the Morning


Mr. Bear is curious. Is this edible?


Barbie Mash


Be aware that these are so loud they can be illegal in some areas. Check before you buy.


Machanics Desklamp


Patriotic Ponytails


High Tech Airpower


Cute, but no.


AI will destroy us all....someday


Yes. May the Jeep live forever.


But time does not listen to thy honeyed words. It rolls on unconcerned.


I used to tell students…the difference between poetry and you is you look in the mirror and say, “I am getting old,” but Shakespeare looks in the mirror and says, “Devouring Time, blunt thou thy lion’s paws.”

Jim Harrison