Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Breakfast, anyone?


She's Game...


The Odd Couple. Surf and Turf.


That's what you want to see on a first date (not).


You said it, Cowboy!




Never seen that style of grill on a Dodge before


The Milk Frother is an interesting development.


That fellow is gonna be in there with you in just a second to get that carrot






It'd be a job climbing down off that.


Nice Color Casehardening


Looks like someone mowed that grass


Very "Modern"


Monday, April 15, 2024

Burg Niederfalkenstein, Obervellach, Carinthia, Austria


I'm chewing into that Assyria book I posted a while back, and it is super interesting...because of stuff like this.


Aksaray Malaklısı; the largest of the Anatolian sheep dogs, also known as the Turkish mastiff or Anatolian Lion, was used a war dog by the Assyrians 4000-2500 years ago.

Aston Martin DB4 Zagato.


That looks like a Nash


The Intimidator


Never would I do that


Tough Road


Keep the gear in the truck


Graceful and Feminine


Camo Master


Serious Gear


The Home Fjord, somewhere in the Faroe Islands


Cowboy Squish


Jump in and drive


Old School Breakfast


The Lonely Beachhouse


Aber Falls Iron Age Roundhouse and Bronze Age Standing Stone, Aber Falls, nr. Abergwyngregyn, Wales


Your Friendly Smile of the Morning


I'll take a table with a canal view, please.


Don't tease the Eagle lest the Eagle kill you


Running Fast




Useful for a multitude of jobs








Out on the range


A Big Curl




Early Medieval Silver Decorated Pennanular Brooch, Scotland