Thursday, April 30, 2020

Nose freckles are good

Theatre of Termessos, Pisidia (Turkey)

Roman theatre built in the 2nd century CE. Annia Aurelia Faustina, a grandniece of Marcus Aurelius and a short-term empress (221 CE)  had a large estate in Pisidia.   

One wonders what was the last legitimate performance here, and what the crowd was like.  Since that night, the slow decay, but still, much grace and beauty remains.

This, all by itself, is reason enough to visit St. Petersburg

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, SanPetersburg, Russia was built on the place where Tsar Alexander II of Russia was killed, victim of an attack on March 13, 1881.

Shell stuck in a Tiger’s track

Abandoned Aeroflot Antonov An-12 cargo plane, which crashed during landing at Greem Bell airfield, Graham Bell Island, on the Russian arctic territory, in 1973 due to pilot error. Green Bell airfield is the northernmost active airfield of the Russian Federation.

Classy EDC

Big Sky Country


Boat Madness

Gestapo Gretchen: To the Russian Front with you, virus boy.


Going to war, old school style

This should be my daily commuter

Rigby .450 Nitro Express Farquharson rifle

Man, look at the length of those rounds!  I don't care how big and heavy your Farquharson is, that's gonna kick like a mean ol' mule.

The Predator's Stare

Here's your Thursday, right in the kisser!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Artistry In Steel

Meanwhile, somewhere in China....

CW, The Early Years

Neat Little Tool

Ship Flex

Thanks, Tad

Energy Transfer

Sea Dog

Wait, that isn't a runway!


Cowgirl About To Rope You

Massive Directed Energy Release

Extreme Close-up Of A Space Shuttle Launch (Credits NASA) from r/interestingasfuck

Power Source?

Waveless Surfing from r/interestingasfuck

I would try this with the Challenger, but I guess I'd need front wheel drive

Police training/demonstration of how to escape bumper-to-bumper traffic using the emergency brake. from r/interestingasfuck

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Failure all around

Who wouldn't want a nice Peavey?

I'd gnaw on that.

"I'm so Rohn-ree

The Great Sphinx of Giza Has A Tail

If I saw this in real life I'd be, frankly, a bit frightened.

This “dancing” light from r/blackmagicfuckery

The explanation: The current hypothesis for why the phenomenon occurs is that sunlight is reflecting off or refracting through tiny ice crystals above the crown of a cumulonimbus cloud. These ice crystals are aligned by the strong electro-magnetic effects around the cloud, so the effect may appear as a tall streamer, pillar of light, or resemble a massive flash of a searchlight / flashlightbeam through the clouds. When the electro-magnetic field is disturbed by electrical charging or discharges (typically, lightning flashes) within the cloud, the ice crystals are re-orientated causing the light pattern to shift, at times very rapidly and appearing to 'dance' in a strikingly mechanical fashion.

Snake Camo

Thanks, Bradford.

Bucked Off

Motor Porn

Best picture I've seen of Kate Moss

Storm a'brewin'

He's got the chalk, the Fire's, tunes, he's in Yosemite, but he forgot the rope

Looks like a Dangerous Intellectual

An Athletic Dismount

Fish Attack