Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wear this at the Democrat convention.

Or this one

Ha! Or better yet this one!


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    1. Huh? Works on my computer. I'll look into it.

    2. Its blank Reverend Ken, because Swanson has started a new shady romance with the greedy left wing, innovative marketing pig who owns both Amazon AND The Washington Post by becoming a shill for him and his sub-standard Chinese consumer crap
      The newest marketing gimmick to get you to read their marketing BS-- pay the webmaster to make ads that appear as chatty, endorsing "on point" posts on their websites.
      SHAME ON YOU SWANSON! I have always enjoyed your website looked to you as a decent man.
      The good news, though Ken, is that your Anti-Advertising browser add-on is working and not allowing the ad components themselves to show on the page, just the "honest testimony" created by Swanson for that thirty pieces of silver. He is starting to act like someone looking for a post in Hilarity's possible cabinet.
      Downloadand use another browser that does NOT have an Ad-buster and you will experience the full sleaziness of 21st century American marketing.

    3. Ah, the answer! Thanks Dink, that had me stumped. If Hillary offered me a post in her cabinet, I'd take it, and then sabotage the beast from within.

  2. tried chrome, safari, firefox, blank, I'll boot up a pc and see if that works...

  3. Yep, internet explorer, can see the amazon links...

  4. I have firefox with adblocker, so I can't see it. Not ready to go to the dark side...