Sunday, July 31, 2016

Took some young men shooting today

These guys come home from college for the summer, and they want me to take them to the mountains, let them shoot my guns, using my ammo and ride in my truck to get there.  Of course I will!  Load up, hombres!

First image: rolling through Company Meadows just off of Monitor Pass.  Not another person or cow in sight.  We were the only ones out there, surprisingly.  I guess not that many folk are willing to go off the paved road.

The kid brought his drone - this summer's super toy - and flew it.

The hombres watching the drone video in real time.  The sun was too bright for the iPad screen, so they crowded into the truck to watch.  Great fun, and a video everyone will enjoy will be up in a day or two.

Some local summer color.

The hombres and their choice of handguns.  Trying to look tough.

The Kahr is always popular in 9mm Lugar.  Now that it's had more than 200 rounds through it, it is quite reliable, at least with the ball ammo I was feeding it.

An empty hull in mid flight.

The Seecamp reclining on a Mule Ear ( which were plentiful and very aromatic).

The Encore chambered in 204 Ruger.

The speedy bullet does a number on a tin can.

Lever actions in 45 Colt are always popular.

Afterwards, we drove in to Gardnerville, Nevada, and ate up a feast.  Then, over Carson Pass and back to our corner of the civilized world, a little lighter on ammo, but with big smiles all around.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Used to take the Ruger Single Six and assorted other handguns out near where I grew up. Plenty of places to shoot back in the day. Now there are housing plans everywhere. I belong to two sportsman's clubs where I can shoot, but punching holes in paper gets old pretty quickly. Nothing like blowing up water filled cans and plastic milk jugs. We also would stick pencils in the ground and shoot at them with the .22 handguns. Now that's a challenge....................

  2. Mentoring our children is what it is all about. We zeroed in the AR that my youngest son built with my instruction this weekend. Also checked zero on my 20" Blackhole with some of the IMI 77 grain razorcore. We then transitioned to 9mm CZ handguns as an end to the day.


  3. I grew up in CA, used to go shooting wherever there weren't people; now it's illegal just about everywhere. I've got indoor ranges around, but they're noisy and too restrictive. Time to leave my native state, and return to the USA.

  4. Young Wyatt Earp and his band of Immortals.