Thursday, November 28, 2019

Wow. Trump signs bill supporting the Hong Kong protesters, and the people there go USA crazy.

The bipartisan bills signed by the president impose sanctions on officials in Hong Kong and China that are responsible for human rights abuses. The bills also require an annual review of the special autonomous status the U.S. State Department grants to Hong Kong during trade considerations. The revocation of that status is a powerful tool to incentivize support of pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong. The legislation also bans the sale of crowd control munitions to Hong Kong that have been used by police against the protesters.

I'll bet Chairman Xi and his stooge, Carrie Lam, wish they'd never opened this can of worms. 

Give thanks for the true miracle of our founding fathers, the divine wisdom they exercised in setting up our country the way they did, and the work multiple generations in the years since have put in in keeping our rights free and our nation strong.


  1. A feeling of pride today in my country, my President, our actions; that I never felt once during the eight years of Barack Hussein Obama.

  2. What John said.

    It is great to be an American openly.

  3. I'm a little misty, especially when I realize those folks are only armed with their courage. Let's all say a prayer for their safety.

  4. I watch mesmerized by the protests in HK. the only comment I can come up with that expresses my heartfelt sentiments is, "FUCK ANTIFA"