Thursday, March 29, 2018

Drove to Portland, and the farther north I got, the more of this I saw.

This hay barn is just south of Yreka.  

I also saw a truck with a big State of Jefferson sticker on it, like this.


  1. Good for them! But that's a boring seal. They should put the Molon Labe helm on it, or crossed six-guns or something.

    1. That seal was designed in 1941. Those X's represent the "double cross" area residents felt they were getting from their respective State Capitals (Sacramento & Salem).

      The petition drive to split the two states and form a new one was put on hold with the outbreak of War, and things improved some after the war.

  2. If you only saw one, you weren't looking hard enough. They're everywhere. I even saw one on a Subaru with a 'coexist' sticker. If we do ever become a state, we will be the Texas of the west coast - wide open spaces, abundant natural resources and a freedom-loving population.

  3. I drove past that hay barn just last week. As Anonymous said, there are State of Jefferson signs and stickers everywhere in the State of Jefferson.

  4. California has become an undesirable place to live. Local control - and Jefferson would bring it.