Sunday, March 25, 2018

A beautiful day to be outside.

It's a funny thing.  Mrs. CW and I came out of the house and into the back yard to plant some basil and carrots, and somehow all the animals show up.

The two elderly chickens are out of their coop, and before long they were watching our planting intently, probably planning to dig up and peck out seeds later.

The watcher in the weeds.

All three cats collected so unnaturally close together that critical mass might be reached and a spontaneous explosion could result.  Look at the staring yellow eye of cat # 3 peering out from under the wheelbarrow.

A tulip!

There's been a massive germination among the radishes.

The asparagus has gone from this on March 10th...

... to this tall thing today.

So, we got three types of basil planted, some Cosmic Carrots, a bit of weeding and mulching done, and finally, we seem to have entertained the animals around here with our antics.  Now we two can say truthfully that we accomplished something today!


  1. It's a beautiful day here as well.
    Miss my chickens, and a garden. Don't miss Stella the cat from hell.

    1. Stella the cat from hell? Dare I ask, what happened to the cat from hell?

    2. I once had a Rooster from Hell, that terrorized my wife (or any other female he could attack,) but he ended up Chicken Stew.

      (It was the worst Chicken Stew I've ever made: stringy and tough, and the flavor was "off." That was one bad bird!)

      Cats I get along with just fine. Had some memorable cats, but none grace my life at present. I miss 'em.

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  2. When we moved to Oregon for the summer with the cows, Stella the cat from Hell, went to live out her mean life in the hay barn of another rancher.
    She had completed her tasks at our place by ripping up our new couch, scratching, biting, & terrorizing the grandkids & dogs, and performing assorted other atrocities.

  3. Keep the cats from getting in your garden area. They will shit in it..and you do NOT want cat poop in the soil there. carnivore poop is harmful to the plants and it's just plain icky also.