Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Are the fish biting?



  1. So many life lesson can be learned from the Andy Griffith show. Just stick with the first five seasons so you get Barney, too.

  2. And from this idyllic, small town childhood, he grew into a left wing, Commiefornia film maker.

    1. Eddie Murphy called him (the kid) 'Opie Cunningham' when he hosted Saturday Night Live

  3. I've talked with a few who have met both of those gentlemen (at one time or another) as their waiter, not impressed with either as people at all.

    1. Or, their waiters sucked, and/or their socoiological evaluation skills are less than stellar. Just throwing that out there.

      As a rule, snotty jerks don't last long in The Biz.
      Ask around.
      The dicks generally have short career spans.
      Especially in a business where you're going to be fired and hired about 500-2000 times in a normal career.
      Even producers have choices.

      Meanwhile, the Kurt Russells, Sam Elliots, Jeff Bridges, and Morgan Freemans seem to keep getting work into their 70s and 80s.
      So with Howard still working at 69, after 60+ years in Tinseltown, with 2 Oscars and 4 Emmys, which are voted on by other people he works with, I'm going with "the waiters sucked".

  4. Andy played himself in No Time for Sergeants.

  5. Well, it's the Hollywood Reservoir, with no fish, so I'm going with them not biting.

    But looking at this list:
    Apollo 13
    A Beautiful Mind
    Cinderella Man
    The Da Vinci Code
    Thirteen Lives

    and at his 48-years-long marriage to one woman, and four normal kids, I'm not seeing any screaming leftard propaganda there. wondering where you're pulling "left-wing Commifornia filmmaker". For a kid who's from Oklahoma.

    I guess "slightly left-of-center stable and well-grounded successful Okie filmmaker" isn't quite the same kind of red meat, huh?

    He's voted for candidates from both parties, and leans left, but being in Hollyweird, that's pretty much the ante to play without getting blackballed, for about 99% of the bunch.

    So maybe not believing everything you read about people on the internet...?
    Just saying.

  6. In reference to the commie comments; Joe Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot claimed to be communists. They were brutal dictators executing all opposition. I often see people referred to as commies by other people who wouldn't recognize a communist if they tripped over Leon Trotsky and landed on top of Karl Marx. Andy Griffith and Ron Howard do not quality as commies. However I support your freedom of speech to call anyone a commie whether they are or not.

  7. My bad. quality in the above should say qualify.