Sunday, January 24, 2016

Doughboy with 1911

I wonder where that pistol is now?  Valuable for sure.


  1. No believe it or not, that 1911 in 90% condition will probably bring less than a new Kimber. .45's like all other antique firearms just aren't brining the big money they were five years ago. Everybody wants a "modern" firearm. But just try and sell an "antique" and watch the lowballs start.---Ray

    1. I'd think that old 1911 would be way more desirable, but that's just me. I love em with character.

    2. I've got a Colt 1911 US Army made somewhere between Oct. 24, 1918 to April 10, 1919. I'll email you a picture of it, but please don't share. It's my precious. Not in bad shape to be almost 100 years old!