Sunday, January 24, 2016

Made of what?

 An Eskimo man models a parka fashioned of walrus intestine. Impermeable when wet and easy to come by for the sea-focused people, the material was prepared by air curing, then sliced and sewn with a waterproof stitch—the same as used on watercraft, including the umiak (canoe) he’s holding. The jacket’s extra material at the hem functioned as a spray skirt when he was at sea.


  1. I really don't want a walrus intestine jacket because the place for your head is naturally, it's ass. However the concept works out in real life, and I'm not a hater - good for Eskimos.

  2. 40% off, this week only, at Eddie Bauer Outdoors. Available colors are gut grey, seal puke green, and bloody trout.

  3. That said, I'd take one in a heartbeat and use it for my winter fishing jacket.