Sunday, December 31, 2023

See them before they see you



  1. As I recall it needs to out of the weather and it was too large for the front door light fixture.

  2. Just go with blink, who has room for this in a light fixture?

  3. And now, the BAD part.

    This thing is inside your security perimeter (backside of your router, minimum). It can "see" your other devices, unless precautions are taken, which limits it's utility.

    It can open the gates of Vienna to invaders (Sorry. Too melodramatic? Ask an IT person about compromised devices inside the wire).

    The proof? I share internet with the neighbour (cuz its $pensive Wireless, and we're out in the country with few choices). He installed one of these unbeknownst, and a couple days later, the thing went nuts @ 2:00 AM, dragging the whole link to a standstill. I was awake, and suddenly noticed Google and this blog taking 30 seconds to load a page. Constant traffic from his node, with everyone asleep, like maybe it had a starring role in a DDOS attack.

    Took a couple of reboots of Tower terminal to shut his end up (I was unaware of device at that time).

    He told me later he'd removed it for "other" reasons.

  4. China seems to own the wifi remote camera market.
    I bought one, observed it, threw it out.
    I think you can still buy a uncompromised trail cam.