Thursday, December 30, 2021

He stuck the landing



  1. And made fast work of roof snow removal to boot!

  2. Now he has to shovel a path to the door.

    1. And that will not be an easy task, as that snow is gonna set like concrete now that it's compacted.

  3. Snow Patrol people are generally pretty comfy around snow of most types and in most situations. Gotta be able to handle any snow conditions on the mountain regardless of surprises, of which you should experience few since you need to considered what you are up to while you are up to it.

    Well, that's what happened. He handled that snow condition. He'll likely handle the next and probably have somebody on a sled behind him as he does it. Those suckers are COMFORTABLE in snow, under any and all conditions. Almost getting a rung in the nuts was probably a lesson he'll file away for future reference though. Bet that was his takeaway from the experience.

  4. Should have just used the ladder and knocked the snow off that way. No need to go from top down.

    Yeesh, and I'm a Southern Lowlander Never-seen-snow guy.

    Though it did look like fun.