Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Might be a call for this



  1. Don't be giving the Branch Covidians any ideas, they'll buy them all out thinking it's an upgrade to their current mass hypnotized psychosis.

    Otherwise a great cold day mask for backcountry foray's.

  2. Masks are there to catch exhaled aerosols and viruses they contain to protect others from infection.
    That’s how masks slow the spread of Covid. And they work, which is why they are worn in hospitals and operating theatres. They are not ceremonial dress or virtue signalling or comfort blankets for frightened souls. They are a barrier to the spread of airborne pathogens by the wearer.

    1. I'm sorry, but no, but feel free to submit if it makes you feel good.

    2. Just because They wear them, does not mean squat. Try reading the box .
      Read some trials. Hey! Just look around! See the states with no mask mandates? Compare to the restrictive places.
      Funny how it works out like gun control

    3. Around the world hospitals, and ICUs in particular are fast filling up with Covid patients. In much of Europe and increasingly elsewhere, the majority of patients are, for whatever reason, unvaccinated. Many are science deniers and anti-vaxxers.
      The efficacy of masks has been proven around the world, the evidence is all there. The wearing of masks is not about political beliefs, city, state or government mandates. It’s not even about the constitution. It’s all about science. The world’s scientists are united in this, regardless of what political leaders (the majority of whom are not scientists) have to say on the matter.
      I happen to trust science. You clearly do not. That’s your choice. But what are the possible implications of our differing views? If you are right and I am wrong then I will have been walking around with a piece of fabric on my face for no good reason. So what? It’s not a problem. It’s no more than the mildest of inconveniences. Certainly nothing worth whining about. If you’re wrong and I’m right then by not wearing a mask (I assume you have the courage of your convictions and don’t wear a mask) you will at some stage, in all probability, pass the virus on to someone else, maybe a friend or colleague or a loved one. Even if the virus causes you no symptoms the person you pass it to may not be so lucky. They may become seriously ill or worse. I’ll have nothing on my conscience from walking around with a piece of fabric on my face. How about you, for walking about without one?
      We are all entitled to our opinions. You think I’m wrong. I think you are a fool.

    4. Don't really need your media driven bullshit here. No science behind your belief system. Do a little research.

      Fauci authored a NIH paper back around '09 that detailed their study on what actually killed most of the dead from the 1918-20 Spanish Flu. Turns out they mostly died from bacterial infections that piggybacked on the Flu sufferers. His 2017 paper looked at mask performance during that pandemic. Guess what? Their conclusion was that wearing masks greatly enhanced the deadly effects of those bacterial infections. It's a breeding ground for bacteria. Do you recall what Fauci stated at the beginning of the wuflu, spring of '20? That masks were not needed, that they were contraindicated for viruses. (he later reversed himself for financial and political purposes)

      Most of them don't stop viruses, due to their much tinier size compared to bacteria. Requires at least a N-95 rating, and professional fitting/training to be effective.

      Some parents of school kids sent their kid's masks off to a lab after being worn to school. What the lab found sounded pretty much like what Fouci wrote about the Spanish Flu findings.

    5. Two flaws in your argument. Firstly I am not guided by the media, secondly your quote from Fauci is way out of date, as the science has evolved so has his stance on mask efficacy. Keep up with the game.
      Only a fool would follow advice from the media. Media outlets are the mouthpieces of politicians and all have a different agenda. The various media outlets will embellish the truth and manipulate the facts to suit their political masters. I follow the scientists. Look at what the scientists are saying and doing. Look beyond America’s shores to see what they’re doing worldwide. By far the vast majority are wearing masks and are advocating the wearing of masks. Politicians, via the media, will tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to know.
      It said it in the Guardian so it must be true. Fox News said it so it must be true. The NYT said it so it must be true. CNN said it so it must be true. I read it on Facebook so it must be true.
      As Dire Straits said in their song Industrial Disease, two men say they’re Jesus, one of them must be wrong. You decide politicians/media or scientists. Would astronauts put their trust in a rocket designed by politicians and the media or scientists and engineers?

    6. "The science has evolved" for a virus that works like no other virus in history, and a vaccine that's proven to do little to nothing.
      Jam your "science".

  3. You won't need that mask until the Gulf Stream stops.