Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Looks Stealthy



  1. Actually, as a firsthand observation, when it flys by below you, as it approaches, it sounds like it's going away.

    When the Air Farce does Red Flag exercises, they use a T-38 chase plane flying above and behind it, because the exercise controllers in the AWACS can't see the B-2s.

    1. Reverse doppler effect? How's that work? I always thought that the whole point of Luneberg lens reflectors was to make stealth aircraft visible to radar, being much cheaper than a chase plane.

    2. Lunebergs are there when there when there aren't any chase planes, Don;t really want any snooper foreign radars to get a peke!

    3. A peek at reflectors? Reflectors aren't secret and betray nothing about the plane's stealth characteristics. They completely overwhelm it.