Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Until this clears the main route from here over the coast range to Eureka is slammed shut.


State Route 299 remains closed from Burnt Ranch to 4.4 miles east of Salyer as well as from the junction with State Route 96 North to Buckley Road due to storm damage.
There are currently trees and power lines blocking the roadway which makes the roadway unsafe for the traveling public. State Route 299 will remain closed for an unknown length of time as Caltrans and PG&E crews work around the clock to clear the roadway.

Below, the orange car at Burnt Ranch in warmer times.


  1. I once had a '79 BMW 528i with a 3.5 in it. 299 was where I first discovered, early on a Sunday morning run from Redding to Eureka, that the car would do 130 mph. With 20mm swaybars, Koni springs and Bilstein shocks, it would just squat down on the road at around 90.

    Great road, great memories.

    You and yours stay safe and warm, hear?

  2. That's hard to believe the upper picture is 299.
    Yeah, it will take a while to straighten that mess out.

  3. "...Caltrans and PG&E crews work around the clock..."

    No doubt, those all electric vehicles are serving well in this environment.

  4. I just took a look (12/29/2021-0700PST) and got mixed reports... it may have opened last night but I did see that Hwy 1 was open all the way between Monterey & San Luis Obispo!
    Too bad I'm not ready to go south yet...

  5. In 1975 my friend had the wintertime job of keeping Highway 299 free of snow and ice. He drove a caterpillar tractor, the kind with the 6 big tires and a large, angled blade underneath it. That road is treacherous, even in the best of times with large drop-offs to the Trinity River 50-100 feet below. One night he hit a slick spot and the cat was heading for the cliff. He jammed the blade into the road but kept sliding. The cat stopped with one tire dangling over the cliff. It was a close one. He was a faithful church attender after that.