Friday, December 31, 2021

If you like the blog and are inclined to support, I set up a Patreon. Button on the upper right.


  1. Well fine, but I don't see how tequila will solve anything.

  2. What a fine idea, I'm in! You spend some time & thought putting these blogs together and they are a part of my day.
    If half the people who regularly enjoyed your efforts stopped to toss a few bucks every month ....
    Thank you CW for doing this & have a good New Year's Eve!

  3. I would, but I don't like Patreon and cancelled my account there. How about a bitcoin address?

    1. Aside from Patreon's "terms of service" no problem lending a hand. On a lesser scale, they appear as presumptuous as the "fair share" folks.
      No question DTW is interesting if not unique and I receive value. No idea their service charge but I don't care for another finger in that pie. I suggest exploring other gateways for funding.