Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Donner Summit sign on I-80.



  1. Somehow seeing this sign makes me hungry in a Jeffrey Dahmer sort of way.

  2. March 1982, on my first trip to CA, raining when we left Reno, cars pulling over and guys putting chains on. By Truckee, the snow was falling HEAVILY, so I stopped and bought chains and put them on my van. I should say I am a Yooper so snow driving is second nature and NO BIG DEAL. We got back on 80, went about 1/4 mile and traffic stopped. Sat there for an hour or more and finally backed off the on-ramp turned around and went back to Reno. Next day we set off on some windy mtn road (with chains) and ended up coming into Lake Tahoe and continued on our way to LaLaLand. It turned out that the area got 20 ft (IIRC) of snow in 24 hours and 80 was closed for 2 weeks, 9 people died in avalanches. My first view of LaLaLand was a permanent lighted sign over the highway stating "Chains or 4WD Required Over Summit."

  3. On the back of that sign, there's a pictogram and recipe instructions for preparing human flesh.

    Not a lot of people know that.